From a young age we dream of having the perfect home. A place to relax when we arrive tired from work, a place to organise events and reunions with our closest friends, a comfortable and tranquil space to spend time with our loved ones. But, of course, all this cannot be perfect unless every last detail, down to the doors, form part. Muebles Picó luxury doors, the perfect icing on the cake.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that luxury is purely about appearance. For this reason, many times when we speak of luxury furniture and decoration, we think about wardrobes, living rooms, kitchens and hallways. However, the bedroom is one of the most important aspects which should not be overlooked – where luxury should too be present.

The well-known fashion designer Coco Chanel stated that "luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." This is one of the maxims with which Muebles Picó works in each and every one of its projects: to conceive extraordinary ambiances, of great beauty, luxury furniture made by hand, with the best materials and with the end goal which is of course to be both admired and enjoyed by our clients.

An office is much more than just a place to carry out a work activity. It is a space that must reflect the personality of your profession and transmit elegance at the same time. It must create the right environment for maximum concentration and also, it must comply with a whole series of conditions to receive visitors and clients or to hold meetings. Picó Living's luxury office furniture more than meets all these requirements.

Luxury homes need doors that can adapt to the sophisticated and elegant environment of each room. For this reason, at Muebles Picó we design luxury doors that can satisfy the needs of this type of customer. Both for the exterior as an entrance door, as well as for the interior (bedrooms, bathroom, study), Muebles Picó doors combine with the furniture and the luxurious environment around it.

Luxury furniture means definitive pieces that give a unique touch to your space, to the point of becoming the centerpiece of the decoration. This type of furniture faces the challenge of being able to merge with technology, specifically in environments such as the office, where it is extremely necessary to be able to achieve a balance between both elements in order to optimize operability and comfort.


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