The Imperio collection for bedrooms that you can find in Picó Living is not a name we have chosen at random. It is a style that dominated the interior decoration and especially the furniture of the rooms in the nineteenth century in France. The richness of the furniture and its characteristics make them desirable elements for any luxury bedroom worth its salt. Want to know more about this style?

Luxury sideboards are pieces of furniture that with both drawers and cabinets so you can store everyday items. They can be used at the entrance, where they will serve to store shoes, but if they are in the living room or dining room they will be intended to house blankets, cushions, magazines or crockery. But how do you make these pieces of furniture a symbol of distinction for your home?

Muebles Picó has carried out a comprehensive decoration and furnishing project in Paraguay with luxury furniture from its exclusive designer collections. The classic empire style furniture, has been manufactured in an artisanal way through a laborious and careful work of marquetry and carving generating a spectacular atmosphere in each room of the house.

High-end desks give a company or office that class and comfort that they so need if we are to make a good impression. Although we can find a wide variety of options on the market, we must always take into account different aspects such as the quality of the furniture, what use we are going to give them or the style. Therefore, the acquisition and investment we make will respond adequately to what we are looking for.

Feria Hábitat is the international showcase of the Spanish sector and meets all the conditions necessary to become the global benchmark in terms of decoration. On this occasion, Muebles Picó will be the image of Spanish luxury furniture acting as ambassador for the most exclusive pieces, all designed for elegant and completely unique spaces.

Are you going to set up a business or improve your exisiting company’s image by changing your office? How do you know if your business requires a luxury office or not? There are many companies that deem it essential to have a luxurious office. However, even if it is not essential, any business can have one. Whether it is to give off a great impression or simply because you, as the owner, like it. For some businesses, both these reasons are equally important when it comes to showing your clients who you are.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that luxury is purely about appearance. For this reason, many times when we speak of luxury furniture and decoration, we think about wardrobes, living rooms, kitchens and hallways. However, the bedroom is one of the most important aspects which should not be overlooked – where luxury should too be present.