The living room and dining room in the same space is a design strategy that has been implemented for quite some time. However, there is more to it than simply having both furniture sets in the same, open concept room. If you want to have a living-dining room that looks good and feels good, we can help you decorate this space with our dining room options.

One of the most underrated styles when it comes to decoration is the one that belongs to the Hermitage kitchen collection. If you are looking to stand out, and add to a classic look with a modern twist, this type of decoration is for you. And, if you are still in that phase of deciding what you want for your home in this area, we will help you to learn more about this particular collection.

Having luxury furniture is desired by many people when envisaging the house of their dreams. All lovers of furniture agree that it gives ‘personality’ to a house or apartment, and if it is luxury furniture, it will bring even more style into the home. At Picó Muebles we have over 70 years of experience in creating luxury furniture, which everyone undoubtedly wants to have in their homes.

Just like the kitchen, a luxury bathroom is a space where we may not spend most of our time, but that can do a lot for our personal comfort and well-being. Every room in the home is important. Having a modern design that is professionally managed for your individual style and needs can make a big difference in your home.

“The more things change, the more they remain the same,” so the French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote. While it is true that many things go out of style, especially decoration styles, such as the minimalist style that is the most popular today. However, certain architectural creations left such a mark on history, that it is impossible to leave them behind. Emblematic buildings may be hundreds of years old, but their style is always relevant.

We spend so much time dedicated to our professions, that it is only normal that we should feel comfortable when doing so. How this comfort looks will depend largely on the nature of our profession, but with the great return to the office environment for many of us, a comfortable, luxury office such as those offered by Muebles Picó offer more than just that comfort we crave.

When we say “classic” we imagine an object that comes from centuries ago or that is retro or vintage in fashion. However, in the 21st century, new classics may emerge that will remain in force for many decades. In the case of the home, a trend that is breaking new ground is luxury furniture, inspired by antique furniture, but manufactured in recent years.

We live in a time dominated by immediacy, automation and mass production. And, paradoxically, the value of tradition and craftsmanship are more prominent than ever. Furniture not only brings style and personality to our homes or workspaces but also distinction and elegance. That is why, for 75 years now, Picó has been committed to luxury furniture made by the hands of authentic wood artists.


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