How to combine luxury furniture in rustic spaces

How to combine luxury furniture in rustic spaces

The world of interior design is an art form that allows you to combine different trends, materials and styles to achieve a unique ambiance that the owner will feel at home in and identify with. Grouping together different decorative elements is a discourse that translates to everything that comes to life in a space, all the individual pieces that fuse together to give a final result. Luxury furniture is a perfect example of ítems that are not only associated with financial status but also with history, fashion, art and different modes of expression that give permission to play with different contrasts, and different matches that might not be what one would normally expect to find in the same space.

New trends join luxury furniture with raw materials

Whenever luxury furniture is spoken of, the first thing that comes to mind is the maximum amount of care and tidy conditions, subtle materials and style that evokes delicate, soft and luxurious perfection. There is a style however, that fuses two worlds into one, a new way of decorating space on the premise that different elements can coexist in the same space as long as careful styling and planning is considered. Some might think that luxury furniture cannot be exposed to rustic elements, as the combination would not be harmoniuous. However more daring minds can prove that luxury and rustic can go hand in hand as long as they are handled in the right way. The interior design of rustic flats, industrial finishings and touches that are not exactly subtle, can be combined perfectly and take us out of our comfort zone when we incorporate luxury furniture and break the paradigm by combining the two aspects.

An unknown scene taken over with luxury furniture

Luxury furniture can now enjoy even more protagonism when individual pieces are grouped together where more natural materials are present, without extravagant transformations and full of a virginal aspect, making the perfect backdrop for such subtle and elegant finishings. Materials like concrete, brickwalls, metals and unprocessed wood amongst others are ideal to play with the protagonism of pieces of luxury. Luxury furniture stands out even more in a rustic room, for the simple reason that it is not what you expect. The human eye associates certain elements systematically and upon seeing something more ostentatious surrounded by a more natural stage, gives the sensation of adventure and leaves a lasting effect. To obtain this look, certain elements should be taken into consideration and respected in order for there to be perfect harmony in this experiement. One of the most basic concepts to be aware of is the lighting, whether artificial or natural, putting the luxury furniture under the spotlight. The furniture should be preserved carefully, so that the material is seen as rustic, but it should not have its integrity in play – it should not be exposed to much wear and tear. If these two tips are followed, the fusion of classic and natural will be a total success.
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