Your place of work is a space with impact, with great class, decorated down to the finest details with all the luxury any business with credibility and magnificence needs. Especially if you are the director, your office is a reflection of you and your company. Picó Interiors Luxury Offices will show you what’s available.

Traditionally, and as we more often see in luxury furniture collections, dark colours are used in accordance with the natural tones of the wood. In the last few years, white and other light colours have started to gain a noticeable presence in luxury furniture as well as notes of silver have. Choosing silver leaf luxury furniture is a great way to brighten up any space and it is becoming more and more fashionable.

One of the things clients ask for time and time again in the designs of their luxury kitchen is for it to be spacious. For it to have sufficient square footage that it allows us to move around and find things with total ease. The concept of space in a luxury kitchen and how important it is not just in terms of square footage.

Are you thinking about redecorating your kitchen in 2017? Would you like a space full of style, class and luxury? Have you always dreamed about having a spectacular kitchen to enjoy and be enjoyed by your guests? A classic luxury kitchen is the choice you need. Are you still not sure? In this article we are going to bust a few of those myths that might have put you off choosing a classic luxury kitchen for your house.

With a luxury bedroom, you can’t just throw in any old ornaments or decorative features. While it is important to use accessories to make a place our own, they should also be in unison with the main features of the luxury bedroom that we have and should accentuate it rather than take away from the luxury. Here we tell you the keys to successfully adorning your luxury bedroom.


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