It goes without saying that we want to show off our luxury furniture in the best way possible. Before now, we have spoken about how to dress your furniture to its advantage, decoration being the key to making luxury furniture seem like quality, valuable additions to your home. When we get the decor wrong, it can take away the value of not just the furniture, but also the home. There is one part of the decoration when it comes to luxury furniture that you cannot ignore, and that’s the decoration of the floor with elegant wood or laminate flooring.

Picó Interiors has become an international point of reference when it comes to the manufacturing, installation and commercialisation of luxury furniture, namely luxury kitchens which occupy a significant part of our portfolio. On our blog we regularly offer hints and tips on how to really make the most of your luxury kitchen and on how to make sure you don’t inadvertently take value away from your house with any of your projects.

A luxury kitchen isn't just any old kitchen. They are designed exclusively for the individual client following the patterns of any one of the model in our catalogue of luxury kitchens. Across all of our collections, you can see some common features as far as materials are concerned.This isn't by chance – we choose the materials carefully to ensure spectacular, elegant results such as these...  

Sometimes dreams can come true, and there is little doubt that a lot of people dream of having space in their home for a luxury walk-in wardrobe. A specific place to organise and store our clothes, a space which is at the same time elegant and classy and perfect for getting dressed. You must, however, remember these basic rules when creating your luxury walk-in wardobe…

There is nothing better to show off our luxury bedrooms’ best features than natural lighting. Not only does it help to create a sensation of spaciousness, but it also reflects off our luxury furniture showing it in all its glory. These shine much more with natural light, well channeled onto the different parts of the room but, how can you make the most of natural lighting in your bedroom? Take note!


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