The guarantee of Spanish luxury furniture

the guarantee of Spanish luxury furniture

The guarantee of Spanish luxury furniture

Having luxury furniture is desired by many people when envisaging the house of their dreams. All lovers of furniture agree that it gives ‘personality’ to a house or apartment, and if it is luxury furniture, it will bring even more style into the home. At Picó Muebles we have over 70 years of experience in creating luxury furniture, which everyone undoubtedly wants to have in their homes.

Tradition and innovation

Since the 1940s, at Picó Muebles, the classic, creative and modern have prevailed. From the beginning, José Picó Ramón was a visionary responsible for not only creating unique pieces that gave rise to a traditional style, but that also went hand in hand with technology and exquisite tastes. Years later, all of Spain would become aware of the quality and commitment of the Picó family, which would expand to other countries and continents.

Picó Muebles has managed to maintain its artisan essence

After 70 long years, Picó Muebles has maintained its artisan essence inspired by high quality standards. Our brand has managed to merge high technology in the detailed production of furniture and protection of the environment in Spain. Therefore, each piece has a unique value for us, which is a feeling that we transmit to all of our customers.

The best furniture for each area of your home

The Picó Muebles production line focuses on quality, well-cared finishes and luxury. Regardless of the type of furniture you need, you will be able to find excellent luxury furniture to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any other area. Fill each corner of your home with classic style and innovative finishes. No one will be able to resist these pieces of furniture that will undoubtedly become your favourites. We always highlight the ability of our luxury furniture to adorn any space. However, it is not just about having beautiful furniture, but about having functional pieces that also last for many years. Each line of Picó Muebles contains both comfortable and avant-garde furniture, whose origin is based on the choice of the best wood and materials.

A timeless classic

The rooms of your house will have luxury furniture in the best Picó style, with timeless pieces that will not limit the style that you wish to maintain. Get to know our six collections: Georgia, Empire, Lys, Dutch, Baikal and Venice. The Georgia collection, for example, enjoys a Greco-Roman style, which is a favourite among lovers of luxurious furniture. The Empire collection is inspired by 19th-century France. These pieces of furniture, made with Spanish walnut wood, have delicate finishes and a somewhat more modern, but classic style. The Lys collection is ideal for people with slightly more sober and reserved tastes; as it gives rise to elegance and simplicity, mixed with the good taste of modernity.

Contemporary – Luxurious

These are four special collections for the dining room, a room that is just as important as it is special for the family. It is in the dining room where the members of the family meet to share the enjoyment of food and their important anecdotes of the day. The dining room furniture can be luxurious if you wish, with artisan and avant-garde pieces that will give your home even more life. The luxury dining room furniture collections are: Legacy, Secrets, Titanic and Nouvel. Each one of them has original pieces and an exquisite taste that only the craftsmanship of Picó Muebles can imprint onto each piece of furniture. The Titanic collection is one of the most requested. It has a contemporary style inspired by the wood used on the famous ship, with aluminium finishes that you will love. Nouvel is a collection that bets on the modern; based on the needs of today, but without neglecting the classic style that characterizes the Picó brand. In addition to walnut, these contemporary pieces are finished in cast brass and polished chrome. The Secrets line is one which offers luxury furniture with a contemporary feel. Each of these luxury pieces of furniture will be the best you can have at home, adorning your rooms and enhancing your good taste. At Picó Muebles we would like to invite you to browse through our collections and select the one that best suits your needs. You will see that there is a style you will identify with from the very first moment if you love classic and fine craftsmanship.
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