4 types of luxury office

4 types of luxury office

4 types of luxury office

We spend so much time dedicated to our professions, that it is only normal that we should feel comfortable when doing so. How this comfort looks will depend largely on the nature of our profession, but with the great return to the office environment for many of us, a comfortable, luxury office such as those offered by Muebles Picó offer more than just that comfort we crave. Such is the demand for these facilities, that we prefer to classify each of our products to facilitate our customers’ selection process. In general, we have two groups of luxury offices: timeless classic and contemporary; but within them there are 4 very specific designs that we will describe below. Read on and discover our combinations of functionality and beauty.

Timeless Classic

The first group that we will describe is our timeless classic style luxury offices. The name may sound contradictory, but timeless and classic features are translated into functionality and visual attractiveness to build this combination. Muebles Picó mixes classic elements with those of a more timeless nature to create spaces that evoke the best of all time.


Our Georgia luxury office designs are inspired by none other than Greco-Roman architecture. Everything inside proudly displays impressive carvings, marquetry in orange and sycamore wood on a walnut root. Others opt for lighter woods, for a more timeless style without ever sacrificing classic decorative elements. Brown is predominant in darker tones and windows are rare, so artificial lighting is key. Not only to highlight the functional character of these luxury offices, but also to reveal the magnificence of the details in gold and silver. Undoubtedly, the Georgia designs from Muebles Picó give rise to scenarios conducive to success.


Empire luxury offices are characterized by maintaining the purity early 19th century French architecture. Not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of interior decoration and, of course, the key is in the details of the components. The furniture comes mainly in strong shades of brown that contrast elegantly with beige, champagne and cream.


The Venecia luxury office collection is one of the most impressive on a visual level. Upon entering, the first thing you think of is a meeting room inside an English palace. Elegance is the brand and it is manifested with furniture made of carefully chosen walnut wood; likewise, with lacquered finish elements and carvings with a high level of detail. These luxury offices immediately transport us to the interior of an English palace, with all the formality that goes with it. They constitute a space that will evoke a sense of seriousness and credibility, the type of image that we want to convey to customers or visitors. At the same time, comfortable surroundings that transmit an air of confidence will keep us at the peak of business.

Contemporary – Lux

The past is full of teachings, but what good are they if we don’t apply them to the present and improve the future? This is true to life, and even in the way we work. The design and manufacturing of furniture is no different. We have applied this same logic at Muebles Picó for years in the construction and furnishing of luxury offices. Our decorative elements are timeless. We build on this consistent base, adding more classic touches like those previously described, but also more up-to-date ones without being minimalist. Muebles Picó adapts to all situations while giving free rein to its artisans; these carry out respectful and rigorous work of high-quality wood to furnish luxury offices.


Titanic is a definite nod to elegance, so it should come as no surprise that this impressive construction is still an inspiration today. The British ocean liner left its mark on history for much more than its tragic shipwreck; each of its decks was equipped with very well defined spaces: reading rooms, main halls, stairs, etc. The Titanic luxury offices by Muebles Picó reflect similar intentions to those that preceded the construction of the ship. In the case of Muebles Picó luxury offices, the components are made with teak wood from Burma, which stands out as one of the best in the world. The best part is that although these have certain classic features, they maintain the timeless purpose. This is why it is included in the contemporary category.
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