There is nothing better to show off our luxury bedrooms’ best features than natural lighting. Not only does it help to create a sensation of spaciousness, but it also reflects off our luxury furniture showing it in all its glory. These shine much more with natural light, well channeled onto the different parts of the room but, how can you make the most of natural lighting in your bedroom? Take note!

At Picó Interiors, we design and make exclusive boiseries or luxury wood panelling to measure especially for our clients. It is important for us to understand the needs and wants of each individual client to be able to give them really unique and spectacular furniture. That said, there are some details which you should always consider when it comes to designing a boiserie.

When we buy luxury furniture or decide to change a particular part of our house, it goes without saying that the design we choose will play the most important role in the final look: an elegant, distinct place where we feel at home. Be careful, however. Just as important are the decorative aspects or accessories we choose as the design and furniture itself. The right accessories can either add value to a room or decimate its value. What accessories should you choose for your luxury kitchen?