Luxury furniture, new classics in the 21st century

Luxury furniture, new classics in the 21st century

When we say “classic” we imagine an object that comes from centuries ago or that is retro or vintage in fashion. However, in the 21st century, new classics may emerge that will remain in force for many decades. In the case of the home, a trend that is breaking new ground is luxury furniture, inspired by antique furniture, but manufactured in recent years. At Picó we understand the importance of furniture as iconic pieces that give meaning to spaces. People live in constant interaction with their environment, helping you make your space as pleasant and comfortable as possible is one of our goals. Throughout these 75 years of experience we have sharpened our eye on offering luxury furniture and always the best.

Luxury furniture you need in your home

With the challenge of maintaining the classic style that we love, we offer a line of luxury furniture adapted to current demands. This type of furniture denotes an elegant personality, and in many cases, even minimalist. Having one of these pieces of furniture at home suggests an exclusivity that not everyone can boast of. The finishes are simply exquisite and with relevance in the details. If you are interested in interior design, you cannot miss the opportunity to include one or several luxury pieces of furniture in your projects. Luxury furniture can act as a statement piece and add value to your work. If what you want is to decorate your house in a unique style, then you will not regret choosing a classic piece of furniture from the 12th century. Once you see how your home presents with such sophisticated detail, it will be “show home” worthy.

How classic furniture should be

The value of luxury furniture goes beyond its cost. Having a piece of furniture that was custom made by true artists is worth more than any amount of money. At Picó, people have the possibility of “designing” their own furniture; which means that no two pieces of furniture will be the same in two different homes or offices – unless they are yours. It should be noted that our raw material is not chosen at random. Luxury furniture made by hand with the highest quality materials, is always and will always be our priority. For us, it is important that new classics are durable pieces of furniture, so that in the near future, people will continue to be amazed by its durability. This is the reason why we make sure to obtain luxury raw materials.

For every space

Luxury furniture looks great in every room. Whether a reception room, dining room, office, conference room, lobby, dressing room, bathroom or living room. Of course, the ideal scenario is that the rest of the decoration is consistent with the furniture so that it does not clash. Without a doubt, they are statement pieces, especially to lovers of classic styles. Our luxury office furniture collections offer items for all tastes and needs. Some transmit sobriety, others elegance, and others strength. The truth is that whichever you choose will be a guarantee of quality and exclusivity. In some collections, such as the Titanic, we combine modern elements with the classics, something that is evident in the finer details.

Luxury bathrooms

An important area in the home, such as the bathroom, cannot be exempt from having luxury furniture. Bathroom furniture does not only have to be graceful, you can also give it the elegant touch it needs with Picó furniture. You should only choose the best – look at the vast range of furniture that we offer. For example, elegant, high-end furniture that saves space for storage is always a good idea.

The finishing touch

In the end, the details in the finish will capture that personality you want in your furniture. You can have furniture inspired by antique pieces with finishes similar to those of the last century, or with more modern details, but with the elegance that characterizes the classics. Only you will have the final word, but you may also call upon the opinion of our specialist team. It is a fact that luxury furniture has become the new classic of the 21st century. As long as it is an impeccable design that is inspired by antique furniture, but with personality and finishes typical of this era, it generates a contrast of styles or you can create your own. Make your home or office unique spaces with Picó chairs, sideboards, doors and other furniture.
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