Picó luxury offices, the best image for your company

Picó luxury offices, the best image for your company

Picó luxury offices are a fantastic package for companies that seek excellence and want to show that. Setting the scene perfectly is the best way to transmit your brand’s image, bringing it to the highest demanding standard as well as improving relationships with partners and clients

The best way to transmit the essence of a company

When a company opts for a Picó luxury office, they do so with the utmost guarantee that what they are acquiring are the most demanding materials, absolute exclusivity and the best possible image for their brand. The layout of an office can make a huge difference to the message that a company sends out to its clients, investors and partners. For those that are aware of this, attention to interior design is completely relevant. The attention to detail in a company should be noticeable in every facet of professional performance, so having a luxury office could be crucial for the image of select companies. Those whose business activities are in the realm of finance, law, real estate and luxury in general are of particular interest, as in these sectors it is paramount that trust and reliability are present – which is where image is important. Picó luxury offices offer a fantastic selection of functional features and aesthetics with very different styles. An exclusive set of office furniture including sideboards, meeting tables, bookshelves and armchairs to suit any type of private or public installations.

A complete offer to suit any needs

Given that every company has a precious image to preserve, Picó luxury offices are available in a diverse range of styles to suit whatever the company’s personality might be. You too can find the perfect set of office furniture thanks to the variety of collections created by specialists in the industry, artisans and interior designers. Take a look at our stunning collections for offices of all kinds. The Venecia luxuxry offices combine English-style architecture with the elegance of lacquered finishes, and the quality of select walnut wood. On the other hand, we have the Georgia collection with Grecian-Roman design inspiration, neoclassical lines in rich carvings and woodwork in orange sycamore on a walnut root. Two astonishingly sophisticated proposals for two companies with a lot of character. For luxury offices with a completely unique personality, we have the Imperio collection based on interior design prominent at the beginning of 19th Century France, taking centre stage classic columns as well as walnut wood. With a maritime theme you will find the Titanic collection, a proposal produced using Birmania wood with an strong contemporary edge.

The necessary guanratees for exclusive decor

Picó luxury offices have a great advantage in that they are from a brand which only works with the highest quality in every detail. Furthermore, the possibility of tailoring each proposal to meet the client’s needs is available given that each project is carefully carried out by artisans, meaning that every panel, step and balustrade is pure and unique.
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