Hermitage kitchen collections: what you need to know

Hermitage kitchen collections: what you need to know

One of the most underrated styles when it comes to decoration is the one that belongs to the Hermitage kitchen collection. If you are looking to stand out, and add to a classic look with a modern twist, this type of decoration is for you. And, if you are still in that phase of deciding what you want for your home in this area, we will help you to learn more about this particular collection.

What does the Hermitage kitchen collection consist of?

The Hermitage kitchen collection is currently one of the most popular due to its versatility. As such, it is a combination of different styles, but they converge in a unit that ends up being sophisticated. The initial premise of this line of products is its ability to be customizable and, therefore, adjustable to what customers just like you demand. Usually, Hermitage kitchens are chosen for wide spaces to make their qualities shine. Among them, the most outstanding are their impressive and striking pastel colors, predominantly white, pearl or cream. At the same time, they are contrasted with dark or opaque tones such as lead gray, or black, among others. Added to all of the above, the consistency of Hermitage kitchens is impressive. They are advantageous given their longevity, resistance to external damage, non-stick surfaces, and more. In parallel, its solid wood finishes and reliefs contribute to the addition of extra points that are captivating at first glance. Yes, quite a show.

Why should you buy the Hermitage kitchen collection?

If you are not completely convinced of what Hermitage kitchens consist of, we will move on to another point. Now, we will describe in detail what qualities make this collection a unique element. Essentially, we are going to break down up to five features that will cause you to change your mind. Or, at least, consider this investment as a first option.

Solid wood finishings

The Hermitage kitchen collection is covered by a coating and made of solid wood. However, the peculiarity is that it is very malleable, which allows it to achieve different reliefs and shapes. It is not called a very versatile product line for nothing. It goes beyond the concept of resistance, guaranteeing greater durability than expected. Sophisticated suspension systems Those products that are intended to be hung on the wall, such as the cupboards, have sophisticated suspension systems. At the same time, they are easy to install and maintain from the beginning, so specialized technical attention is not required. In addition, they do not wear out quickly due to their high-density coating and good base structure. Firm and non-slip base In the opposite case, that is, of those products of the Hermitage collection that are floor-installed, they also have an ace up their sleeve. All of them are equipped with a firm base with non-slip components that adhere to the surface. As if that were not enough, they do not scratch, much less gravel the ground when they are moved, scoring another point in your favor. Combinations with metals Although solid wood is the main component of the Hermitage kitchen collection, combinations with metals are not uncommon. From the hand of this type of polymerization, a versatile product is acquired that can achieve different aspects. In addition, its level of stability, durability, and resistance to external factors in the environment is increased. Maximized lighting As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the Hermitage kitchen collection boasts pastel colors. What we don’t tell you is that they are covered in a layer of specialized gloss for more illumination. If you are one of those people who loves an energizing light environment, then this style should be your priority. Additionally, it enhances its simple beauty at first glance.

Where to buy the Hermitage kitchen collection

The Hermitage kitchen collection is one of the current trends in terms of interior decoration. Currently, large services or companies linked to this industry are in demand because of this trend. In case you want to join the initiative of this product line, you have many options when it comes to buying. For example, you can go to Amazon Spain for it or to your local decorative store. If this is not the case, a specialized catalog of Hermitage kitchen collections will be waiting for you at Pico-Sa. Ask about their promotions or make a budget with their advisors without any commitment. Even so, the best of all is that they will adapt to your pocket and you will not be left out.
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