How the right furnishings help conserve classic touches in emblematic buildings

Classical architecture and decoration can be combined to reform or change the style of emblematic buildings. Picó explains how.

How the right furnishings help conserve classic touches in emblematic buildings

“The more things change, the more they remain the same,” so the French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote. While it is true that many things go out of style, especially decoration styles, such as the minimalist style that is the most popular today. However, certain architectural creations left such a mark on history, that it is impossible to leave them behind. Emblematic buildings may be hundreds of years old, but their style is always relevant. These structures constitute a significant part of the cultural heritage of a given geographical space. Preserving them is a priority for governments and for the tourism industry, and for this it is best to turn to experts. Picó has more than 65 years of experience in the sector, making us one of the most knowledgeable companies on this topic. What role does classical architecture play in society? The importance of classical architecture and decoration in the sense of identity of a community or country is often misunderstood. At first glance, it may seem somewhat limited to the most knowledgeable in the sector, such as architects and interior designers; but the truth is that its preservation is important even for the stimulation of the economy through tourism. It is much more than structures that remain upright despite their age. This simple feature denotes the high level of care with which they were built and invites future generations to appreciate and learn from them. In other words, emblematic buildings reflect the advances that society has gone through, the aspects that are maintained and those that have evolved.

Preservation through classical decoration

At Picó we keep this very much in mind, and even more so when we take on restoration projects for emblematic buildings. We understand the great challenge of correcting the expletives of time without fully modifying the idiosyncrasy of the structure. Despite the demands of these tasks, the results have been satisfactory and sustained over time. But speaking of satisfaction implies much more than leaving an impeccable finish on emblematic buildings. The achievement lies in reaching the balance between restoration and modification; and, in simpler cases, it lies in the inclusion of new accessories that integrate and match the classic decoration in question. This requires historical and technical knowledge, as well as good taste. Simple care for classic heritage However, contrary to what many believe, the preservation of heritage goes beyond the cleaning and maintenance of its components. It can even be in actions as simple as adapting its style without ceasing to reflect classic decoration. For example, including very specific furniture within a venue, or even outside it for public reception. With so many visual themes, we cannot ignore the quality. At Picó we always seek visually attractive materials, with a careful finish and, of course, a lot of resistance. At the end of the day, we are talking about emblematic buildings. They should be kept in pristine condition and maintaining a long-lasting, classic décor is part of the process. Emblematic buildings of any kind can benefit from this type of care. Among them, large and small hotels, old commercial buildings, official institutions; including private residential centres located in areas of cultural importance. Inside, bathrooms, lobbies, dressing rooms and living rooms are the centre of attention. Outline the work to be done from the very beginning of each project. Picó, specialists in timeless creations and reforms At Picó we do these kinds of restoration projects and much more. Our vast experience has given us the ability to research, create and develop different styles. Thanks to this, we can both innovate and adapt to the needs of our customers; even if the work is the recovery, restoration or maintenance of emblematic buildings with classical decoration. Our work goes hand in hand with the principles of architecture, so it involves a high level of technicality. We have a team trained to match the specifications of the interior designer with the needs to be covered. Thus, the result is a personalised furniture project adapted to the requirements, unique in its style and also with guaranteed durability.
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