8 luxury living rooms that will surprise you

8 luxury living rooms that will surprise you

Whether you are thinking about furnishing your new home or simply want to give your current home a new look, starting with the living-dining room is a great choice. It is the place where we spend a significant amount of time when we are at home, enjoying the peace alone or spending quality time with family and friends. The fact is, a living-dining room with the appropriate furniture and well decorated, can be a part of the home where we can enjoy some delicious meals in great company. If on top of that we opt for a luxury living-dining room, we as well as our guests will feel in harmony and can recharge our energy. Here we give you 8 options for your luxury living-dining room, there is sure to be something to suit any personality.

The 8 most sophisticated luxury living-dining rooms that are trending in 2019

1.Secrets.- This original living-dining room stands out for its purity, with chairs that evoke a keylock, upholstered in white. The surface of the table is also lacquered in the same colour to create harmony. 2.Georgia.- This one is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture and is made up of neoclassical lines and rich carvings in orange and sycamore wood on a base of walnut. It also has finishings in golden and silver tones. This living-dining room will give your home a luminous aura. 3.Imperio.- It is a living-dining room that is architecturally rich with its inspiration based on interior design and furniture popular during early 19th century France. Spanish walnut wood is a main feature. 4.Titanic.- For this creation, our artisan craftsmen have taken the ocean for their inspiration, more concretely, the Titanic. The final results take us to this era and the materials that go with it. There is a lot of the highest quality wood present. 5.Lys.- An elegant and sober design that culminates in an evolutionary classic design perfect to satisfy the trends of that era. 6.Nouvel – Da Vinci.- In this living-dining room the elegance of classic style is added to comtemporary style. In it, the nobility of walnut wood stands out, the combination of brass and polished chrome form part of this collection to bring us a daring, vanguard creation. 7.Holandés.- It is characterised by its curves, which stand out because of their woodwork carvings making this an exclusive collection, adorned by the walnut timber. 8.Venecia.- This collection fuses English architecture with suggestive lacquered finishings and the quality of walnut wood. In these living-dining rooms we find carvings of significant prominence, and the manual finishings reinforce the purity of the lines in the design. If you are a lover of art and the most famous architecture from varying time eras throughout history, in these living-dining rooms you might find some inspiring ideas. Enjoy looking through the designs and comparing the furniture that you will find across the whole range of living-dining rooms that Picó Living has to offer. If what you are looking for is luxury, quality, elegance and exclusivity to give life to your home, we truly are your best allies, since 1945 we have been working to bring you the latest trends produced by the finest craftmanship. We only produce furniture in Spain with the highest quality natural wood.
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