8 doorways to consider when creating your luxury atmosphere

8 doorways to consider when creating your luxury atmosphere

They are the entrance to grand, important rooms with atmosphere. Luxury offices, grand and beautiful living rooms or to bedrooms made to stand out from the rest completely with the inclusión of luxury furniture in their design. Here are Picó Interiors luxury doorways. Choose one! Every sophisticated and spectacular luxury environment worth its salt should have an entrance to impress. It is the part of the room that says welcome to luxury and elegance, and when it matches the furniture within to perfection it gives a unique feeling of impact and wonder. Entrances to grand rooms are as important as the room itself. It is for this reason that for decades Picó Interiors has also been designing handcrafted, artesan doorways that ooze beauty and that are nowadays a compulsory part of the interior design of private homes, businesses and government buildings. Today we are showing you 8 examples of doorways to consider when creating your luxury atmosphere.
  1. Imperio doorway
This collection is an ode to elegance. Classic, with impeccable  framework carved in the original artesan way, with inspiration taken from grand European palaces and combined with the different glass panels which allow us a sneak preview of what the room inside hides.
  1. Volga doorway
This luxury door is decorated in sophisticated gold to make it stand out as a decorative element. Gold leaf foiling has been used on this occasion to give us this beautiful and luxurious effect. Perfect as an entrance hall door leading to bigger rooms.
  1. Artisans doorway
Gold leaf foiling is also a key feature of this luxury door, but where this door really shows its personality is on the front part where branches and flowers intertwine to give us this appealing and unique design.
  1. Caspian doorway
On this occasion, the main feature of this luxury door are the different sized geometric shapes carved into the wood on the front of this elegant and charismatic door from the Caspian collection at Picó Interiors.
  1. Viena doorway
This is without a doubt the most simple luxury door that our brand has on offer. Made of wood with a lighter tone as one of its natural properties, it is lighter than the doors in our other collections and offers its room complete privacy when closed.
  1. Georgia doorway
Spectacular luxury door from our Georgia collection. Decorated in gold-leaf including the handles. The wood offers varying tones as well as an elegant emblema on the front.
  1. Baikal doorway
The showstopper of this luxury door is the characteristic design on the glass, perfect for ana ir of luxury in any room. Just like our other doorways, it is available in different shades, this particular one is a shade of white.
  1. Titanic doorway
A luxury doorway but with clean, classic lines. The wood offers an elegant design that gives these doors one of the biggest personality of all our doors.
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