The materials that best suit a luxury kitchen

The materials that best suit a luxury kitchen

A luxury kitchen isn’t just any old kitchen. They are designed exclusively for the individual client following the patterns of any one of the model in our catalogue of luxury kitchens. Across all of our collections, you can see some common features as far as materials are concerned.This isn’t by chance – we choose the materials carefully to ensure spectacular, elegant results such as these…   Enjoying a luxury kitchen is an indescribable experience. A daily sensation of luxury and elegance which can change your perception of space. Kitchens that can significantly revalue your entire home. Above all they are the epitome of luxury, exquisiteness and elegance in the same way that grand kitchens always have been. Here at Picó Interiors, we are specialised in luxury kitchens. We can totally transform your space, not just installing your new kitchen but also taking care of ceilings and walls for a holistic end result that will give your entire home an edge of luxury over the rest. Whatever model you choose, our kitchens come equipped with a variety of characteristics that are key to achieving the beautiful end result that wouldn’t be possible without certain materials. They are complementary decorative elements that Picó endeavours to source from the best suppliers on the market. Internationally recognised brands that ensure your kitchen will be of the highest quality and you will enjoy it for years to come.   Bronze. Bronze accessories are a recurring element across our collections. Above all we use it for handles, knobs or ornamental pieces. An elegant material, synonymous with class and elegance and which is also a current favourite with interior designers.   Wood. Our kitchens wouldn’t be the same without the best wood on the market. Generally, Spanish oak is used. We treat the wood in a variety of ways depending on which model of kitchen it will be used for and then depending on its actual final use. Quality wood is one of the most important raw materials for our luxury kitchens.   Fabric. For the upholstery of some pieces of furniture, such as the chairs for your luxury kitchen, we use fine fabric that is also robust yet elegant meaning you will have a long-lasting chair that is also comfortable and stylish.   Gold leaf foiling. Gold leaf foiling is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the distinguishing feature of a Picó luxury kitchen. We use it to highlight specific features of the furniture that makes up your luxury kitchen.   Marble. There are few materials as elegant as marble. Beautiful and highly resistant, many of the countertops in our luxury kitchens are made with  this material.   Brick. Bare brick walls are a current trend in interior design and tie in all the other decorative aspects in your luxury kitchen perfectly. Definitely a feature to think about when you renovate your space.   Glass. We treat and engrave the glass in your luxury kitchen by hand. Kitchens where the cupboard fronts are made with engraved glass is a safe bet on elegance, class and beauty.  
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