Where to install doors to create an ambiance of luxury

Where to install doors to create an ambiance of luxury

They can transform any space big or small and create a sensation of class, distinction and elegance in equal measure. They are the gateway to any luxury space and can completely change the perception you have of a room. Here we tell you where to install a luxury door in your space to ensure an ambiance with a difference. Interior doorways have become a must-have in the world of decoration. More and more property owners and companies are realising the importance of a door with beauty of its own, style, design and why we should make something spectacular out of something that used to be a simple access to a room. Now they are much more than any old door which protects and guards the intimacy of the room behind it. Previously on our blog, we mentioned 8 doorways to consider when creating your luxury atmosphere and for decades, Picó Interiors has designed, maniufactured and installed them in total refurbishment projects in companies and the homes of private clients alike. But, where is the best place to install this type of doors to show off their full potential? They can of course be installed in any room of the house or company facilities, although given how spectacular they are, they are best shown in certain rooms of the house. In a company, the entrance to your offices, private offices and meeting rooms are the best ambiances for this type of door, as they give these rooms the austerity, luxury, seriousness and excellence that will help your guests feel at ease and give you a comfortable space to talk about contracts. Luxury doors that surprise your guests even before they enter the room, with that edge of glamour and sophistication. They are also doors to close off and guarantee intimacy in living rooms and dining rooms. The entrance door for grand spaces full of luxury furniture to be enjoyed and admired. The starting point of new scenery where hand crafted luxury and spectacular results go hand in hand. They contribute to the revitalisation and the increase in value of any of these spaces. Last of all, installing luxury doorways as the entrance to your bedroom promises to add elegance and class to the most intimate room in your home. The sensation starts when you open the door and enter a space of comfort, relaxation and tranquillity. A luxury bedroom is the epitome of exquisite beauty and the entrance to this room is where your downtime truly begins.  
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