How to make the most of natural lighting in a luxury bedroom

How to make the most of natural lighting in a luxury bedroom

There is nothing better to show off our luxury bedrooms’ best features than natural lighting. Not only does it help to create a sensation of spaciousness, but it also reflects off our luxury furniture showing it in all its glory. These shine much more with natural light, well channeled onto the different parts of the room but, how can you make the most of natural lighting in your bedroom? Take note!

Natural light isn’t only an excellent decorative addition to our home, it is also fundamental for good all-round health. The sun’s rays provide us with essential vitamins, and are synonymous with vitality and energy – a perfectly good reason to let them flood in to our luxury bedroom. Furthermore, thanks to the sun’s rays our furniture and exquisite decoration can reach its full visual potential, which means our guests as well as ourselves will be able to admire the shapes, lines and details of your chosen luxury bedroom even more.

Knowing how to make the most of the natural light in a room is fundamental. Start by dressing your windows with fine, light curtains. Avoid garish designs or heavy curtains with designs that can easily eclipse the beauty of your luxury furniture. The curtains should be a secondary feature in terms of design, but not in terms of quality. Remember to keep them light both in colour and weight. You can also try a set of blinds that can control how much light enters the room at different points in the day.

Another trick to make the most of natural sunlight is to place the bed nearer to the window than the bigger, bulkier pieces of furniture like wardobes or chests of drawers and put these at the far end of the room facing the window. If they are closer to the window, they can absorb much of the light that enters leaving the room feeling darker and smaller than it really is. The bed next to the window is a safe bet for a great start to any day in a luxury bedroom. Another idea is to hang mirrors to reflect more of the natural light around the room, making it shine and feel more spacious and light.

It goes without saying then that you shouldn’t overfill your bedroom with chunky ornaments and a heavy decoration that can make the room darker. Remember in a luxury room that the centre stage is given to the luxury furniture and its elaborate designs. The last point is to use neutral colours on the walls, as at the risk of repeating ourselves, the luxury furniture is the main feature of any luxury bedroom. White is always a good call with luxury furniture, as it helps to reflect the positivity of the natural light.


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