Russian art in luxury kitchens

Russian art in luxury kitchens

For Picó Interiors, Russia has been and always will be an example in terms of its artwork and eye for all things luxury, especially in interior design. In the same vein, our Hermitage luxury kitchen pays homage to the baroque art from the country. Tremendous. Monumental. Grandious. Spectacular. Beautiful. Stunning. There are so many adjectives we could use to describe not only the art from Russia, but the country itself too. A grand country full of history, which over the centuries has left its own mark in the world of decoration. Russian art is unique and personal. Art where the finer details matter, and art which pays tribute to artesanry consistently in each and every piece, a value which is shared by our brand. From the very beginning, artesan work and passion for what we do has formed an intrinsic part of Picó Interiors’ DNA. Luxury kitchens are a good example of what we mean. Exquisite, elegant and with a style with a difference which has taken us to the point of being a example to follow in kitchens at an international level. An authentic ready-to-wear model which has Spreads like wildfire through the decorative world. Picó Interiors takes its inspiration from the different styles that have made their mark on decorative history and channels it into their luxury furniture along with our trademark touch, to bring you collections that are appreciated around the globe. For our brand, Russian art is and always will be another element of luxury furniture. Art not seen anywhere else in the world which over the centuries has inspired designers and artists alike. For this reason, our very special Hermitage collection of luxury kitchens has had the success that it has. One of our trademark pieces in this area. Hermitage is a baroque style luxury kitchen masterpiece. A kitchen which has been worked on with its solid wood which is then lacquered by hand. The design includes those finer details in silver-leaf foiling which serve to highlight its beauty and luxury. Marble is another key element in this spacious luxury kitchen as a reminder of its elegance and style, and on top of that you have luxury finishings and latest generation furniture which make this not only a spectacularly beautiful kitchen, but a predominantly practical and functional one.
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