Venecia luxury kitchens pay homage to beautiful Italy

Venecia luxury kitchens pay homage to beautiful Italy

Elegant, sensual, provocative. Italy is art in its purest form. With something to see on every corner of this enormous outdoor museum, it is only natural that the precious art that dots the geography of Italy has influenced the history of decoration. The Venecia luxury kitchen pays homage to the elegance of Italy in all aspects. Although the Venecia model luxury kitchen certainly gives an air of those classic old English style kitchens, it also transports us directly to the grand houses and mansions of Italy. A country that has lived and lives art even before art was defined. Italy never fails to impress, nor does the luxury kitchen Venecia, which pays homage to this bella country. An ode to romanticism, class and distinction of the beautiful luxury kitchens across the ranges in our brand. For Picó Interiors, the kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. A space for reunions, a family zone, inspiring, a hub for innovative ideas and compelling conversation, of unforgettable moments and the place where everything begins. For this reason, beauty in a luxury kitchen should always be a priority. A place where you actually want to spend your time. To enjoy spending your time. A space that is also functional and practical and used to its full potential. The Venecia luxury kitchen is characterised by the elegance of its lacquered finishings that give it its shine and sophistication, which combined with the warmth that only walnut wood can give offer us this characteristic look. Walnut is without a doubt one of the more versatile woods available on the market, making it perfect for this kitchen. To complete the effect, highly prominent carvings done by hand have been incorporated which add to the purity of the design. It is a classic but not a rustic kitchen, a kitchen like the ones of always but not as conventional, an evocative space but at the same time modern and contemporary. In a nutshell, it’s a tímeles classic, a luxury kitchen which is a total treat for your eyes. A kitchen to enjoy and admire.
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