Marquetry by hand, detailed work at Muebles Picó

Marquetry by hand, detailed work at Muebles Picó

Marquetry by hand is a work of great delicacy that Muebles Picó have been doing for many years. Thanks to the experience we have acquired, the results are frankly magnificent and the beauty of the furniture we make is greatly enhanced with this technique. It allows us to provide that elegance and detail that any piece of luxury furniture must have.

What is marquetry?

In Muebles Picó we use marquetry by hand in many of our projects. This technique consists, in a few words, in the formation of different drawings made with the wood itself. We achieve this by taking advantage of the different veins and the colour of each of the existing pieces. A meticulous and creative task. Since each piece of wood is different, the results of the marquetry work by hand are original and distinct. Therefore, each piece of furniture made by Muebles Picó under this technique does not have a replica that is the same. You should know that if you acquire one of these pieces you will enjoy something completely unique and unrepeatable. Marquetry by hand gives beautiful results in all types of furniture. Due to this, at Muebles Picó we use it in a multitude of projects, both for the creation of furniture and for decoration.

The advantage of being specialists in marquetry by hand

In Muebles Picó we have more than 70 years of experience in the furniture sector and, therefore, we have always wanted to combine tradition with the logical adaptation to the current times. In this sense, marquetry by hand is a work in detail that makes the difference, as there are not many more furniture companies that have professionals capable of performing this type of work. Marquetry by hand is carried out in our company by specialists in the combination and assembly of the wooden pieces. We count on a group of professionals capable of putting together a “puzzle” of great complexity, since many pieces are usually less than 1 mm thick. At Muebles Picó we know that delicacy is essential to obtain a good result, and this forms part of our work ethic One of the challenges that we usually find in Muebles Picó are the different colours and the veins that must be properly oriented to form that mosaic that will end up giving rise to a piece of furniture of great aesthetic and decorative value. For this reason, we consider ourselves true masters of marquetry by hand, since we work on a smooth surface of minimum thickness, which we then paste on the furniture that we want to decorate. The value of the artisan When you want to furnish and decorate an office, marquetry by hand provides a very attractive, distinctive and original touch, where a good selection of the best raw materials will give an optimal result. In addition, the professionals of Muebles Picó find a harmonious combination where an the most elegant aesthetic criteria for is present. The exclusivity of creating a custom-made project in Muebles Picó grants that distinction and authenticity that is so highly appreciated. Marquetry by hand becomes the ideal complement to make the results even more original, whether we are talking about an office or a bedroom. Hand craftsmanship in the furniture sector is a component that is increasingly sought by those looking for a quality product. The demands of having exclusive high-end furniture are greater and in this sense, Muebles Picó has acquired a great reputation for making handmade marquetry an art that is worth being enjoyed.
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