Muebles Picó official collaborator of real estate agency Rimontgó and Christie´s International Real Estate

Muebles Picó official collaborator of real estate agency Rimontgó and Christie´s International Real Estate

Muebles Picó, a Spanish company which is a reference point for luxury furniture production and Valencian real estate company Rimontgó which is the ambassador in Spain for luxury home company Christie’s International Real Estate have signed a collaboration to participate jointly in home decor projects of different natures. They are two of the most important companies that make up a national point of reference in their respective sectors. Companies that have helped the luxury sector evolve and that as of now, will share projects after signing a collaboration contract. Muebles Picó and Ritmongó are starting the iniciative and Josep Picó, director of Muebles Picó affirm thats “passion, ample ideas and a desire to continue to advance in the industry together,” are the driving force behind the iniciative. On the one hand, Muebles Picó with more than 70 years of history and valued as one of the leading companies in the production of luxury furniture in all of Spain. A leading company at the head of business vanguard, technology and creativity as far as high-end furniture is concerned, and that over the course of its three generations of work has managed to create, stregthen and project a dynamic company in constant progress, able to adapt to the new times without forgetting its original goal: the most exclusive luxury furniture. On the other hand, Ritmongó Real Estate, founded in 1969, with a strong presence in the sale of luxury property across the whole of the Valencian Community. Ritmongó has consolidated itself as one of the most outstanding real estate agencies on a national scale, with a significant clientele from all over the world and an ample catalogue of urban property, rustic farmhouses, seaside villas and of course, luxury homes. Both veteran companies and referential in their industries have begun a collaboration project which involves furnishing and reforming properties all over the country. Muebles Picó brings its experience of not only producing furniture for private and public spaces for clients all over the world, but also in the integral renovation of exclusive spaces that define luxury: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, doorways, staircases, walls and ceilings… using for these tasks the best material on the market and the hands of exquisitely skilled artisans. As far at Ritmongó goes, it is also the representative in Spain for property giant Christie’s International Real Estate, created in 1995 as the real estate agency offspring of the most prestigious and significant art auction houses, Christie’s. “For us it is a pleasure to be able to work alongside Ritmongó and Christie’s. It is an honour that they have taken into consideration the long line of experience that Muebles Picó has to offer in the production of luxury furniture and the renovation of luxury properties,” said Josep Picó.
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