Luxury living-dining rooms, the very best welcome for your guests

Luxury living-dining rooms, the very best welcome for your guests

  You’ve organised a party in your home and want to wow your guests. What is the best way to do this? At Pico-Sa we have luxury living-dining rooms that are the best welcome for any event. If you want your guests to remember you as a great host that made sure to offer them a space rich in details, what should you bear in mind?

Velvet Upholstery

Luxury living-dining rooms require a series of details that, occasionally, can be overlooked. However, said details are small elements that are absolutely necessary if what we are looking to achieve a unique, exclusive space with all the elegance you need in order to enjoy a wonderful meal. For this reason, we advise that you consider velvet upholstery for your luxury living-dining room. A type of material that matches perfectly with an ebony table. Your guests will be delighted to be invited to your party. Your velvety chairs will look incredible, as well as being comfortable.

Gold and Silver leaf-foil

Finishings in gold or silver leaf-foil are another detail that we often incluye at Pico-Sa. We know that these two elements bring a unique touch to a luxury living-dining room. A finishing that really helps the beauty of the hand-crafted marqueterie stand out, which in turn makes the whole space that you enjoy with your guests stand out. Gold or silver leaf-foil will be chosen in accordance with the rest of the decorative palette, choosing one or the other. We take into account all the other elements that make up the room. The combination of gold and silver leaf-foil with the stunning walnut palm wood will give a classic touch to any luxury living-dining room.

Brass and Chrome Pieces

For those luxury living-dining rooms with a much more vanguard and daring design, brass and chrome pieces make the cut and are the perfect accessory. The result means you will have a different space, full of contrasts which are bound to surprise your guests. These brass and chrome pieces in luxury living-dining rooms allow one thing to really stand out above all else, that is, the dining table. But this will only be the case if it is made of walnut wood. This way it will assume the protagonism that it deserves, at the same time fusing classic and contemporary styles. Sounds nice, right?

Aluminium details

Did you like the film Titanic? If it is still a firm favourite, we have good news. We have a range of luxury living-dining rooms in which you can receive your guests as if you were on the boat. Each detail counts, which is why we have decided that aluminium is the perfect material. What aluminium details achieve is that your luxury living-dining room has that contemporary style and therefore boundless personality. Aluminium combines well with teak wood, another Titanic classic. Your guests will feel like they are on board!

Orange and Sycamore

We finish off with one more proposal for your luxury living-dining room. Marquetry in orange wood or sycamore wood enriches any space. But that’s not all, combine it with gold or silver and this part of the house will shine with light. Your guests will never want to leave! If you want to impress your dinner guests, a luxury living-dining room adapted to your style is just the ticket. Maybe you want a more classic touch, maybe contemporary or a combination of the two. Remember that every detail is important, however small they may seem. What most people don’t realise is that it is actually these small details that make all the difference.
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