10 essential characteristics of Picó luxury living-dining rooms

10 essential characteristics of Picó luxury living-dining rooms

Picó luxury living-dining rooms are highly exclusive proposals that never fail to impress. They give your home that extra special touch, basing their success on a series of certain basic characteristics – all the rooms have them as a common denominator and that is what makes the rooms special. So that you can find out a little bit more about them, here we have compiled 10 of the essential characteristics.  1 Furniture with the best materials and design One of the first facets that stand out in Picó luxury living-dining rooms is precisely the authenticity and quality that luxury furniture affords a room, with pieces adorned in beautiful walnut wood, curves defined by excellent carving and decorative elements in gold and silver leaf foil. 2 Elegant European-inspired architecture If there is one thing that all of Picó luxury living-dining rooms have in common, it is the elegance of their architectural design, often inspired by English style and finished with fine coatings; the luxury furniture matches this style perfectly and can be designed to fit any space, transforming it in an ambiance of authentic luxury. 3 Fusion of styles: classic meets contemporary Picó luxury living-dining areas are tremendously versatile and do not adhere to neither an outdated classic style nor an eccentrically modern style. Part of the secret is the fusion between classic and contemporary styles where walnut wood is a key material for the elaboration of our luxury furniture and the polished wrought brass and chrome create an vanguard edge. 4 Freshness and sophistication More of the things that characterise Picó luxury living-dining rooms is the freshness of the elements that make them up and the sophistication with which the final concepts are brought together, given that authentic luxury should always compensate visually without falling into the Barroque category, nor should it be overloaded. Balance is the aim with luxury furniture in each and every project. 5 Essential but evolved designs The room designs and the individual furniture designs of the luxury living-dining rooms in Picó’s collections incur simple yet elegant models inspired by tradition that has evolved somewhat, in order to satisfy the tastes of the modern world yet keeping the timeless quality that materials such as walnut and ash wood. 6 Variety within the same line With the aim of respecting the character of each client and personalise the experience they have with Picó living-dining rooms, the proposals are as varied as they are adaptable, depending on the individual taste in decor of each client. They still, however, maintain a series of characteristics in quality and design that are never overlooked. 7 Art and luxury hand in hand If there is one thing synonymous with luxury, it is art, and the creative concepts inspired by grand architectural and design movements. For this reason, you will find in Picó’s luxury furniture and living-dining rooms certain principals in line with 19th century France and Europe in general, with classic columns and intricate carvings. 8 Unique space references A few reference points come to mind when talking about Picó luxury living-dining rooms, and not just artistic trends which do play an important role in the making of luxury furniture, but also references such as neoclassical lines or other styles that evoke designs in centuries past. 9 Finishing touches on the most exclusive materials Quality wood is very characteristic in Picó luxury living-dining rooms, and is fundamental when it comes to deciding exactly which pieces of luxury furniture should comprise each room. That said, the final details are essential to making everything work, the care that goes into the accessories and gold and silver finishings is paramount and dealt with by our specialists. 10 Artisan craftsmen that generate authentic wonders An essential point and one that differentiates Picó luxury living-dining rooms is the creation of each individual piece, given that each one comes from the hands of the best artisans that mould each piece of wood purely by hand, an expert ones at that.  
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