Project of Seaside Villa in Mascarat 

Project of Seaside Villa in Mascarat 

Poet Edward Cummings affirmed that, in the end, “we always find ourselves in the sea.” Timeless. Eternal. Immeasurable. Living by the sea is not only a privilege that few are lucky to be able to do, but it is indeed a way of life. A place from where to build our home. Wake up every day and feel that we, the sea and our home all roll into one. In this sense, decoration on par with such a special context is essential if what we want is to achieve that harmoniuos balance that we are looking for. What better way to obtain that feel than with luxury furniture? At Muebles Picó we have furnished an immense and magnificent glass villa in front of the Mediterranean… More precisely, a villa in front of the impressive and historic Ifac Rock in the municipality of Mascarat, Alicante. For such a task, our clients opted for one of our most elegant luxury furniture collections, welcoming and all-encompassing, our Titanic collection. A collection fabricated in Burman Teak wood – one of the world’s most highly esteemed woods – which perfectly unites with contemporary style and sophisticated classicism, set off perfectly thanks to its original oriental carvings, and complemented by aluminium encrusted in walnut wood. As we can see in the images here, the interior marble floor, the wood facings on the outside and on the stairs and the impressive scale of the glass windows and their magnificent views give even more value to the decorative choices made for this home, adorned with luxury furniture. What really stand out in this project are the grand dining table, an exquisite living room, the built-in wardrobes across the whole of the property, warm and cosy bedrooms, the bathroom furniture and a solemn study. The beautiful bodega deserves a special mention, found in the basement and encased in oak wood to give an authentic feel of a distinguished bodega. For this task, slanted shelves were specifically chosen to display wine and the places made to measure for correct storage of the bottles and to allow for optimisation of the wine inside them. Yet another image epitomising our brand where aesthetics, functionality, elegance and luxury are synchronised to perfection.  
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