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It is no secret to anyone that the kitchen is one of the most evolved spaces over the years, including new technology and innovative trends. It is because of this that it is one of the most important places in our home. So if you are thinking about how to give it a facelift, and you can consider a luxury kitchen, there are some things you should bear in mind but the most important is that it is a space par excellence in which family and friends gather, both to relax and to enjoy.

When we decide to renovate and change our kitchen, we normally go for new models that have nothing to do with the how our previous kitchen looked. We look for a drastic change, but we don’t want to ignore the fact that we still need the elegance and class of a classic luxury kitchen. Picó Muebles offers you Baikal, as the perfect model to make this change, as it brings together that classic luxury with all the mod cons of the 21st Century.

Keeping your luxury kitchen as fresh as the first day can be extremely simple. That said, it does require some degree of consistency in your maintenance and cleaning routine to keep it spick-and-span, and leave it looking showroom perfect after every use. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your luxury kitchen on top form.

Picó Interiors has become an international point of reference when it comes to the manufacturing, installation and commercialisation of luxury furniture, namely luxury kitchens which occupy a significant part of our portfolio. On our blog we regularly offer hints and tips on how to really make the most of your luxury kitchen and on how to make sure you don’t inadvertently take value away from your house with any of your projects.

A luxury kitchen isn't just any old kitchen. They are designed exclusively for the individual client following the patterns of any one of the model in our catalogue of luxury kitchens. Across all of our collections, you can see some common features as far as materials are concerned.This isn't by chance – we choose the materials carefully to ensure spectacular, elegant results such as these...  

When we buy luxury furniture or decide to change a particular part of our house, it goes without saying that the design we choose will play the most important role in the final look: an elegant, distinct place where we feel at home. Be careful, however. Just as important are the decorative aspects or accessories we choose as the design and furniture itself. The right accessories can either add value to a room or decimate its value. What accessories should you choose for your luxury kitchen?

One of the things clients ask for time and time again in the designs of their luxury kitchen is for it to be spacious. For it to have sufficient square footage that it allows us to move around and find things with total ease. The concept of space in a luxury kitchen and how important it is not just in terms of square footage.

Our house is full of corners that deserve to be cared for until the last detail. Each space of our home you deserve to be careful with care and with a special decoration. To do this, the luxury furniture and decorations of luxury are the best options to redecorate these spaces and to equip them as well with a unique personality. These are 7 spaces in your house to reform with luxurious furnishings and luxury decor.


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