Luxury kitchen accessories, what should you choose?

Luxury kitchen accessories, what should you choose?

When we buy luxury furniture or decide to change a particular part of our house, it goes without saying that the design we choose will play the most important role in the final look: an elegant, distinct place where we feel at home. Be careful, however. Just as important are the decorative aspects or accessories we choose as the design and furniture itself. The right accessories can either add value to a room or decimate its value. What accessories should you choose for your luxury kitchen? We can have the best luxury kitchen on the market. A luxury kitchen with style, made by hand, decorated in gold leaf, the finest marble countertops, spacious and high quality finishings… but this is all a waste if you dress your kitchen badly. Naturally, everybody has their unique taste and beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say, but there are some details and some objects that match perfectly in a luxury kitchen and others which just don’t. Here are some of the accessories that your luxury kitchen cannot be without. For this reason, it’s important that you bear in mind what works and what doesn’t when it comes to decorating and dressing your space. It’s good to know what, where and why you should choose certain decorative elements and what they will do to make our kitchen stand out. For example, gold and silver tones are a must-have in your luxury space. They really do give your space that edge of distinction and exquisiteness that we are trying to achieve, without a doubt. Gold and silver tones match perfectly with the gold-leaf endowed luxury furniture accross many of Picó Interiors collections, especially in luxury kitchen collections. Another key motto you should follow is the adage ‘less is more.’ This is especially true in our case, as the design of luxury furniture already gives a lot of personality and presence in a room, you don’t want to go to excess and make your space over-bearing. For example, a couple of vintage pieces give an air of warmth and cosiness, and help us achieve our classic luxury kitchen look. Rescue a chest, a family heirloom, or scour vintage stores and markets until you find an elegant vintage piece, where possible made by hand, and you will undoubtedly get it right – charming pieces that add precious details to your kitchen and what’s more, nobody will have the same. Don’t mix excessively modern pieces with classic luxury kitchens, unless you want the final result to be confusing and take away from the beauty of your space. If you have small appliances that you use only occasionally, put them away and get them out only when you want to use them. Try to remember the minimalist approach and use small decorative pieces on your luxury furniture to add charm. Your furniture is already spectacular enough to give the impact that you want.
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