The concept of space in a luxury kitchen

The concept of space in a luxury kitchen

One of the things clients ask for time and time again in the designs of their luxury kitchen is for it to be spacious. For it to have sufficient square footage that it allows us to move around and find things with total ease. The concept of space in a luxury kitchen and how important it is not just in terms of square footage.

The kitchen is one of the main rooms of the house. A place to rendez-vous with the whole family, a place to enjoy relaxing dinners, extravagant lunches and celebrations of any nature. We need and want a spacious kitchen with all its luxury details. A kitchen with the finest of details and where you want for nothing. For this to become a reality, we need enough space. A real luxury kitchen marks spaciousness as one of its main characteristics.

When we speak about space in the kitchen we don’t just mean square footage which allows big cupboards, a big island, a big table and ample countertops in order to prepare meals and display all the small appliances that we want. Space in a luxury kitchen goes beyond these features.

Picó Interiors luxury kitchens are characterised by their big cupboard space where you can store absolutely everything. Every object in your kitchen in order with its own space, without having to pile things on top of one another. Our kitchens are made of cupboards and drawers which are totally functional and practical. Luxury kitchens that allow us to have everything we need in order and easily accesible, but with the added touch of style.

They are also kitchens with a lot of countertop space, to be able to cook without any problem whatsoever. Whether you are preparing a quick meal or an elaborate feast, whether you want to set down your shopping bags or organise your shop, or maybe you want your state of the art cafetiere on display without taking up the space for all the other things. Then you have the cupboard space that characterises our kitchens, big cupboards with big doors, which can be glass doors if you want to see all the space, or what you put in it, behind them.

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