Georgia, luxury kitchen with touches of gold

Georgia, luxury kitchen with touches of gold

The distinction and class in the kitchens of luxury bear the name of Muebles Picó. And this is a good example, our model of neoclassical lines Georgia. Within this collection, different types of cuisines such as this model of inspiration and of rich colonial marquetry.

If there is something characterized the luxury kitchens of Muebles Picó, as well as most of our designs in deluxe rooms or dining rooms of luxury, is the great amount of detail that presented. Hand-crafted details that make these collections, pieces that are unique and unrepeatable. And in the kitchens of luxury, they take a special relevance.

Within the collection of Georgia, we have this luxury kitchen whose inspiration comes from the architecture greco-roman. It is characterized by its rich carvings and marquetry in Naranjo and sycamore on walnut root, to give as a result a cooking style very popular in the mid-eighteenth century, where the architecture of the furniture was still drinking the colonial design that had prevailed for centuries.

A spacious kitchen, with touches of gold that follows a luminosity and unparalleled elegance. Their tones in traditional wood contribute with that classic air so stylish suitable for lovers of the great kitchens of luxury of always. Kitchens of large capacity, tremendously lines worked, imposing structures and an unparalleled beauty. A laborious luxury kitchen of Muebles Picó in terms of production and where marble is also an important role as base.

The kitchens of the luxury collection of Georgia Muebles Picó can be supplemented with other parts to the dining room. As these chairs in perfect harmony with the decor of the kitchen. Comfortable upholstered chairs that are brought into the living room a touch of distinction that i needed.

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