Tips for maintaining a luxury kitchen

Tips for maintaining a luxury kitchen

Keeping your luxury kitchen as fresh as the first day can be extremely simple. That said, it does require some degree of consistency in your maintenance and cleaning routine to keep it spick-and-span, and leave it looking showroom perfect after every use. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your luxury kitchen on top form. It is completely understandable that you want your luxury kitchen to always look its absolute best. We also know that although Picó Muebles luxury kitchens are small works of art, made by hand and completely customised just for you, at the end of the day a kitchen is to be used, and not just from time to time. Kitchens are used frequently, and for exactly this reason, should be cleaned and maintained regularly. There is no shame in being meticulously clean and carrying out perfect maintenance in your luxury kitchen. All you need to know are the best products to use and the best methods of keeping the essential features of your luxury kitchen impeccable. Wood. It is paramount that when you are cleaning the wooden doors and their frames in your luxury kitchen that you don’t use products that are too corrosive, or ones containing ammonia. There are specific products available for polishing wood. There are special wet wipes for this job, which are especially good as they won’t scratch the surface of the wood as you wipe away the dust. You should also protect wood from sources of strong heat, so if you use heated appliances near the wood you should put some protective base between the product and the wooden surface so as not to burn it. You can buy wax for your wood, but a homemade cocktail of half wine vinegar and half olive oil will do just the trick to keep your wood looking as young as the first day. Marble. Marble is present in some of our luxury kitchen collections, so we are offering some tips on how to clean it properly too. You should always use a warm, damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. You can use some mild soap. If your marble is starting to lose its shine, water and hydrogen peroxide. It never fails! Golds. If you have gold or metallic coloured accessories in your luxury kitchen, one solution is to use warm water and some mild, non-abrasive detergent. That should give it back its beautiful shine. If your accessories are bronze, you can use bicarbonate of soda and lemon together and watch the magic happen. Remember, not just any old product will do when it comes to cleaning your luxury kitchen. This rings even more true if you want your kitchen to really withstand the test of time. Correct cleaning and maintenance are key in your luxury kitchen.  
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