Baikal, the luxury kitchen that pleases even the most demanding of clients

Baikal, the luxury kitchen that pleases even the most demanding of clients

It is no secret to anyone that the kitchen is one of the most evolved spaces over the years, including new technology and innovative trends. It is because of this that it is one of the most important places in our home. So if you are thinking about how to give it a facelift, and you can consider a luxury kitchen, there are some things you should bear in mind but the most important is that it is a space par excellence in which family and friends gather, both to relax and to enjoy. When selecting the design of a luxury kitchen, most prefer sophistication, creativity and innovation. In the case of Picó, we trust Baikal wholly, whose unique characteristics revolve around the quality of its construction, materials and even design. This goes from the covering of the furniture intended for the kitchen, to the design of the floor and walls, which when combined denote superior quality.

Baikal, the pinnacle of luxury kitchens

Baikal is a remarkable model, which not only satisfies the most demanding of a luxury kitchen; it also updates the concept of contemporary cuisine, due to its strong artisan quality, as well as its avant-garde decorations. Basically, a dignified and luxurious environment is created for its buyers; who will enjoy incredible details in each and every one of their drawers, as well as in the doors of their cabinets, thanks to the wood used which is of unequalled quality. For all this, Baikal became one of the favourites of our clients, largely due to the excellent use of silver leaf; giving it a finish worthy of its great success, living up to its name and evoking the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Without forgetting its combination of classic and contemporary style, which is undoubtedly the hallmark of this luxury kitchen. Likewise, at Picó we have a wide variety of designs, accessories and decorations for your luxury kitchen, adapting to the demands of our customers. All of these are of course, top quality, ensuring that both your family and your friends will be delighted to see your new kitchen.

Warmth and homely feeling

It should be noted that our interior accessories are adapted to the most elegant needs of our clients. This starting from the Baikal wood, whose white lacquer, is said to be able to reproduce the waves of the “Blue Eye of Siberia“. But that’s not all, as this gallant personalised collection recalls the passion and majesty of contemporary art; shining with its own light before the eyes of our clients. Similarly, both the light and the color of Baikal are designed in a way that provides a comforting touch, denoting beauty and comfort. Basically, our luxury kitchen is designed to convey warmth, making each visitor feel right at home. If you too want a dream space for your home, this could become your best option.

Combination of artisan with contemporary art

Remember that our brand is positioned as one of the best in the luxury furniture sector; satisfying the needs of some of the most demanding clients, providing high quality furniture. Both in terms of its finishes and materials and to its way of taking advantage of space; leading the vanguard in the luxury kitchen industry, with our combination of high technology, quality and management. All this thanks to our perfect attention to detail, taking care of the entire production process and all based on the individual needs of our clients. As a result, we produce a true work of art, in the form of a luxury kitchen that only Picó is capable of offering; combining both artisanal tradition and the latest in manufacturing technology.
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