Secrets behind the excellence of Spanish luxury furniture

Secrets behind the excellence of Spanish luxury furniture

Historically, Spain has been one of the pioneering countries with regards to furniture, specifically in the luxury furniture sector. Doyen businesses like Picó Muebles have been working to bring you high-end pieces with unique designs for generations, which has made us a global reference point and the definition of haute couture in luxury furniture and design.

If you have been thinking about redesigning your house or apartment, change some of the old furniture in your home or office, or you simply want to carry out a high quality decoration project, you should always go for the safe option. One that comes with the highest guarantees. Always choose Spanish luxury furniture. This type of furniture has become one of the most coveted variations, chosen by clients and companies all over the world – decorators, interior designers, gallery owners and private home-owners alike.

Spanish luxury furniture is experiencing its greatest boom in years, thanks in part to its unquestionable quality and the impossibility of competition. It cannot be imitated. Of course there are other types of luxury furniture around the world, but none match the quality, design and variation that luxury furniture designers in Spain can offer, like here at Picó Muebles. We are not new to this, we have been representing Spanish luxury furniture for more than seven decades. Furniture that has adorned grand mansions, beautiful homes and has formed part of grand projects in offices, too, making the place of work for some people a joy to behold. Highly valuable furniture that, year after year has maintained its title as one of the best in luxury furniture around the world.

The keys to success

Spain has a history of industry with specific regard to the furniture sector, and as such, today’s industry has a good foundation on which to build its reputation. The trust our most loyal clients place in us, whatever the project may be, has further enhanced the reputation of Spanish luxury furniture.

Companies like Picó Muebles has an ample and varied range of collections, from spectacular luxury kitchen designs, unique luxury bathrooms, surprising luxury bedrooms, doors and down to the minute details that make up your home. An infinite array of designs that has captivated the most exquisite and perfectionist admirers at our showroom in Valencia, Spain. Ambiances with unique, new pieces of furniture, made to measure especially for you and bringing to life the place where you interact, work and live. Surround yourself with exquisite Spanish furniture.

Carvings carried out with the utmost care in Spanish oak, shapes studied down to the millimetre and put under the spotlight in your home to show the true value of this furniture, which is unique in the world.


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