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Muebles Picó has carried out a comprehensive decoration and furnishing project in Paraguay with luxury furniture from its exclusive designer collections. The classic empire style furniture, has been manufactured in an artisanal way through a laborious and careful work of marquetry and carving generating a spectacular atmosphere in each room of the house.

The world of interior design is an art form that allows you to combine different trends, materials and styles to achieve a unique ambiance that the owner will feel at home in and identify with. Grouping together different decorative elements is a discourse that translates to everything that comes to life in a space, all the individual pieces that fuse together to give a final result.

Poet Edward Cummings affirmed that, in the end, “we always find ourselves in the sea.” Timeless. Eternal. Immeasurable. Living by the sea is not only a privilege that few are lucky to be able to do, but it is indeed a way of life. A place from where to build our home. Wake up every day and feel that we, the sea and our home all roll into one.

It goes without saying that we want to show off our luxury furniture in the best way possible. Before now, we have spoken about how to dress your furniture to its advantage, decoration being the key to making luxury furniture seem like quality, valuable additions to your home. When we get the decor wrong, it can take away the value of not just the furniture, but also the home. There is one part of the decoration when it comes to luxury furniture that you cannot ignore, and that’s the decoration of the floor with elegant wood or laminate flooring.

Traditionally, and as we more often see in luxury furniture collections, dark colours are used in accordance with the natural tones of the wood. In the last few years, white and other light colours have started to gain a noticeable presence in luxury furniture as well as notes of silver have. Choosing silver leaf luxury furniture is a great way to brighten up any space and it is becoming more and more fashionable.

Exquisite decor is what makes a piece of luxury furniture. But it isn’t just one particular feature that decorates a piece of furniture, but a whole array of components that work together to make luxury furniture worthy of that title. At Picó Interiors, we pay close attention to decorative details. Here, we tell you about some of those details that, we believe, should be seen in every single piece of luxury furniture.

Sleeping well is essential not only for the body, but for the mind, too. So, why not do it in a distinguished atmosphere, one with class, surrounded by unique luxury furniture? Impressive bedrooms that break the boundaries when it comes to elegance. Creations like those that Picó Interiors offer to its clients. Here we tell you 8 essential features of any luxury bedroom.

The luxury furniture is filled with class and elegance in each corner of our home. A choice for quality and beauty of furniture that never goes out of style. However, decide to buy luxury furniture must be taken into account a series of guidelines to get the maximum achievement. We advise you to follow these basic tips to decorate your home with luxurious furnishings.