Laminate flooring, the ideal complement for luxury furniture

Laminate flooring, the ideal complement for luxury furniture

It goes without saying that we want to show off our luxury furniture in the best way possible. Before now, we have spoken about how to dress your furniture to its advantage, decoration being the key to making luxury furniture seem like quality, valuable additions to your home. When we get the decor wrong, it can take away the value of not just the furniture, but also the home. There is one part of the decoration when it comes to luxury furniture that you cannot ignore, and that’s the decoration of the floor with elegant wood or laminate flooring. As you may well know, at Picó Interiors we completely transform every room in your house. We can flip the design 180 degrees and convertí each and every room into a unique space where elegance, luxury and distinction are key features. This of course, is done in such a way that you will never lose the practicality and useability that are so necessary in these rooms. It is your home, after all. At Picó Interiors we find the perfect balance between classic luxury furniture and new technology, new LED lighting with our luxury models and we transform each room into a place full of design through our artisan unique furniture. We don’t only preoccupy ourselves with decorating every square metre of your home, walls and ceiling included, as they also make up the ambiance of your house, giving you the ideal space that you have always dreamed about. We also recommend you put down some quality laminate or wood flooring in these rooms, so that the final look is even more elegant and luxurious. Choosing laminate flooring is the ideal complement for luxury furniture. As you know, these pieces of furniture are built with the best wood available on the market, the majority being Spanish oak. Opting for Worden floors in kitchens, offices, dressing rooms and bedrooms helps create that ambiance of natural warmth and elegance that we so wish for. Wooden flooring is a safe bet when it comes to increasing the value of our luxury furniture and homes. Capable of completely changing the final result of any home. Flooring which also offers ana ir of solemnity and distinction,elegance and style come together perfectly to highlight our luxury furniture. Whether it’s a kitchen with laminate flooring, a luxury bedroom or even a bathroom. Wooden flooring is also easy to instal and even easier to maintain. This, teamed with the fact that you can choose almost any tone to match almost any tone of luxury furniture, make it the ideal complement in any home.
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