How to care for our wooden luxury furntiure

How to care for our wooden luxury furntiure

We want them to shine and stand out just like on the day we bought them, but how well we care for our luxury furniture makes all the difference on how long our furniture lasts. How can we maintain the wood that this type of furniture is made of? Here we offer you a few pieces of advice… If we want our luxury furniture to keep that spectacular look about it year after year, we need to be sure to carry out some basic steps to ensure it keeps that brand new shine just like on the day we bought it. It’s a good idea to know exactly how to look after the wood that makes up our luxury furniture, to know the dos and don’ts of caring for the wood so we can avoid problems during the lifetime of our furniture. The wood that is used to make our luxury furniture here at Picó is normally Spanish oak, highly resistant and versatile but like any wood, it benefits from a care regime. Firstly, everyday cleaning products are not recommended unless they are designed specifically for wood. You should also avoid homemade remedies that circle the Internet, as these can also spoil your luxury furniture. Never use vinegar to clean them, for example. However, there is one natural product that is beneficial to the health of the wood – olive oil. Olive oil nourishes the wood just as much as, if not more than, a tradtional varnish. If your furniture has any marks on it, the only thing you need is a damp cloth to Wipe it off. Don’t use any products to clean any of our luxury dining room tables, for example. Another tip according to Homify is to use a classic white pencil eraser. That’s it. For the surfaces, there are a couple of simple products that will ensure your luxury furniture shines like new year after year. The first is this: half a cup of oil and half a cup of lemon juice. Dampen a cloth with the mixture and use it to clean your furniture. You can also try oil and wine. After using this specific mixture, it is a good idea to wipe a coat of glycerin over the furniture in order to lock in the shine, as the glycerin creates a protective film.
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