8 features of a luxury bedroom

8 features of a luxury bedroom

Sleeping well is essential not only for the body, but for the mind, too. So, why not do it in a distinguished atmosphere, one with class, surrounded by unique luxury furniture? Impressive bedrooms that break the boundaries when it comes to elegance. Creations like those that Picó Interiors offer to its clients. Here we tell you 8 essential features of any luxury bedroom. These bedrooms are different, full of personality and presence. With beautiful luxury furniture, our brand’s luxury bedrooms are excepcional, admired by clients all over the world. But what gives them their special personality? What makes them in fact, luxury bedrooms? Here we tell you what makes a luxury bedroom, so that you can have your own in which to relax and enjoy the beauty.
  1. Details by hand. Luxury bedrooms are to be unique creations, no two should be the same. Details added by hand ensure this – hand drawn shapes on each and every part. Whether it be the bed, the bedside table, your chest of drawers or wardrobe.
  2. Spacious. An essential feature of a Picó luxury bedroom is the space, they boast large beds and the wardrobes are of such dimensions that everything fits comfortably inside.
  3. Gold Leaf. Another feature is the gold-leaf details that adorn our luxury furniture. This offers an air of distinction, this rich colour reminds us that we are not in an ordinary bedroom.
  4. Walk-in Wardrobes. Having a luxury walk-in wardrobe joined to our bedroom is an excellent choice allowing more space for our clothing and accesories, and we all need more dedicated space for our outfits in our wardrobe.
  5. Accesories. The accessories to match the decoration in this type of luxury bedroom should be chosen carefully, individually sourced to match the luxury and glamour that defines these rooms.
  6. Shapes. The delicacy in the shapes and edges used on each part of the furniture in the room is paramount. The shapes and edges seen on the bed, the chest of drawers… they aren’t the same as the ones you’ll see in run-of-the-mill furniture.
  7. Different styles. As you can see, in each of our luxury bedrooms there is a different pattern of design, each one has its own personality that shines through its furniture, whether they be classical luxury furniture, or contemporary pieces with a modern edge.
  8. Elegance. And finally of course, it’s absolutely compulsory that a luxury bedroom exudes elegance. Bedrooms that impress from the moment you open the door. Creations where style and class are of the upmost importance.
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