The right fabric for a luxury living room

The right fabric for a luxury living room

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating your luxury living room, Picó has a series of tips and tricks you can follow to really bring out the best in your luxury furniture and help you to make sure you avoid any decorative faux pas that could devalue your luxury furniture. With the new year comes the desire to renew – the decoration of your living room is a great choice. Times change and from time to time we should take heed of the changing trends in order to feel comfortable and at ease in our homes. A few small changes in your house can make a big difference, especially if you have some pieces of luxury furniture like the ones you can check out in the Picó Interiors catalogue. A luxury living room is one of the parts of the house that needs most consideration. With its constant use and trends in this room changing continuously, it is easy to stay up to date by making small changes from time to time. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by sprucing up the textiles and fabrics in this room. Matching curtains or well chosen blinds can go a long way in adding value and beauty to your luxury living room and making it stand out even more. The opposite is also true. Old-fashioned, worn out or mismatched curtains can really take your attention – and value – away from the good bits of your luxury living room. What fabrics should you use in a luxury living room? Always go for a tone that matches the furniture that you have chosen. So if your furniture is white, go for pale or pastel tones. On the other hand, if you have opted for the more traditional, natural wood tones, you can pick out some brown curtains or pastels with a slightly more intense colour. You shouldn’t have embroidered curtains, with bold lines, circles or other contemporary patterns as your luxury living room should be classy. Floral patterns, however are the exception. They are actually one of the biggest trends for curtains in luxury living rooms. Choose an elegant fabric that matches perfectly with your furniture. They should be abundant, floor-length and thick, something within the same league as your luxury furniture. If you are unsure, go for plain white or something in the same colour as your luxury furniture. Remember, it is absolutely necessary that the fabrics in your luxury living room match the furniture in it. Don’t devalue your furniture.
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