The importance of choosing tiles when renovating a luxury bathroom

The importance of choosing tiles when renovating a luxury bathroom

Tiles are one of the most important things to consider when it comes to guaranteeing the aesthetics of the walls and floors of our luxury bathroom, which in itself is one of the most beneficial investments for our home. This is due to a bathroom’s characteristics, which should be both decorative and functional. There is a good reason that tiles are one of the most popular materials when it comes to high-end renovations; and we will tell you the reasons for this below.

Why are tiles the best option for our bathroom?  

The main reason that tiles are a good option is that they help prevent dampness, as well as other possible aesthetic problems for our bathroom. This is because they are built on clay support, complemented with a ceramic enamel coating. In this way, the absorption of vapors and liquids is reduced, guaranteeing its durability, as well as a better finish for our luxury bathroom. We are talking about characteristics inherited by the evolution of our manufacturing process; the same one that has undergone many changes in recent years. These changes have favored tiles’ adherence to the wall and have also given them a better protective layer. A feature that will keep our bathroom completely dry but still with a luxurious finish, guaranteeing an elegant and sparkling room after each shower. Another reason why tiles are popular when renovating a luxury bathroom is because of their characteristic durability; they can last for up to 30 years and sometimes exceeding that time after installation. Not to mention that it is easy to change them, either in case of damage or to carry out some renovations. You can vary the mosaics and maintain your luxury bathroom at the height of fashion with a renewed and innovative air. You can enjoy all these benefits and more thanks to Picó Living, where we design different types of tiles for use based on the needs of our customers. We guarantee elegance and comfort for your home. Promises that are kept due to our line of high-quality products, using the most refined cabinetmaking techniques; creating unique and personalized designs for our buyers.

Always the most up-to-date options 

One of the most outstanding characteristics of tiles is undoubtedly their installation process; something that we can do in record timing, covering a complete area and customizing it in a very short time, totally to the taste of our clients. Having a team of great professionals, who have the best tools, techniques and technologies, makes this work as efficient as it can possibly be. In this way, we create unique and unrepeatable spaces throughout the industry, causing an impact on everyone who comes to our luxury bathrooms. Not to mention the ease of maintenance of the tiles, which are extremely easy to clean, keeping our bathroom sparkling and beautiful to use.

Tiles as a synonym of luxury and quality 

It is no secret to anyone that more and more people are joining the trend of tiles in the development of their luxury bathrooms. This due to the characteristics already mentioned. In addition to the vast amount of customization options that ensure a beautiful and shiny finish for your bathroom, giving it an air of elegance. Not only that, but Picó Muebles can adapt your design to any type of user, whether you want to generate the effect of a large and much more spacious bathroom or a smaller, elegant but above all, functional one. Something that we can achieve with our wide variety of tile combinations, making your bathroom a visually attractive room for all its visitors. Since offering the best quality is an important part of our brand, we always opt for the best materials, providing an impeccable finish to each of them. So our tiles are no exception, and they come with the promise to give your luxury bathroom the best look it can have. This is why we only use the best technology and manufacturing techniques. We impress our clients – and theirs – by offering top-of-the-range bathrooms. That is why our tiles are so important, guaranteeing a neat and luxurious design for our bathroom. Thanks to the manual work of all our experts, who have many years of experience in this business, we make the wishes of our users come true, offering them the best designs from Picó Living.
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