Reasons to choose Picó for your luxury furniture

Reasons to choose Picó for your luxury furniture

When you want to renew the furniture in your home and office, it can often be difficult to know what style to go for. Years ago, people were satisfied with a piece of furniture that simply fulfilled its functions, but now we want to go further. We want unique pieces that make us feel proud of the decoration we have. Muebles Picó is your best ally when choosing luxury furniture like those classics you see in the movies. If in your family there is no heritage of furniture from yesteryear, you can start a new tradition with our range; which combines classic pieces with modern elements. Today you will learn about some of the reasons that have motivated thousands of people to trust our furniture.

Why choose Muebles Picó?

Buying an elegant piece of furniture is not the same as buying a high-quality Picó piece that also has a classic style. At Muebles Picó, we are characterized by offering a high range of furniture manufactured under quality standards; those that guarantee that your furniture will be durable and functional. Picó is equal to luxury, but it is not only about appearances, but about the peace of mind of acquiring comfort and quality.

First class materials

The materials we use in the manufacture of each of our sets is chosen by experts. It is not just about finding a good supplier, but about partnering with manufacturers of high-quality parts. We pay attention to details to make sure we source the right material for each type of furniture. We have the best raw material on the market to make your next luxury piece of furniture.

Exquisite finishings

What makes a manufacturer like us stand out from the rest is also the care put into finishing each piece. People who have some of our furniture in a room in their home, highlight its finishing touches: clean and well defined. Classic, luxury or elegant furniture has specific characteristics, we make sure that they have all of them thanks to the finishes. In each of our furniture ranges you will see a different finish and a style that represents each chosen era or theme. You can often combine furniture from different ranges and create an iconic environment. Everything will depend on your taste and needs, the truth is that there are many options with which you can be as creative as you want. We could also help you choose the best alternatives.


If you look at our catalogue, we even have furniture for bathrooms, offices and any other room in your home. We have a broad catalog of furniture that is aimed at people who appreciate good craftsmanship, quality and good taste. We not only deal with pieces for the home, but also with companies that want to fill their rooms with striking elements.

Personalized service

Our biggest goal is that when you see each of our luxury furniture lines you want to have them all. But also, that you notice all the work and commitment behind your pieces when you see them. We advise you on what is best for you. We hope that you can recognize the quality of our furniture and that you have received the treatment that we expect as our luxury client.

Do I need luxury furniture?

It’s not about whether you need it or not, it’s about what you want to give yourself, your family, employees, customers, etc. Luxury furniture is perfect for certain places where elegant and sophisticated furniture is expected to exist. But also, it is a reflection of your personality. Treat yourself to luxury furniture if you think you deserve quality and exclusive products. If you are into interior decoration and design on a professional level, take a look at our furniture catalog to know what to offer your clients. Especially if you will work on a new project that includes large salons or law firms, among others. You can rely on our products and help your customers buy furniture that they will not regret. If you want to know our furniture lines and each of their main characteristics, browse each of our sections and discover them for yourself. Perhaps there are several products that fit in your home or office. The important thing is that you can satisfy your desire to have furniture that provides the harmony required for you to do your daily activities or gather the family for a dinner.
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