Luxury furniture for hotels and how to achieve the perfect design

Luxury furniture for hotels and how to achieve the perfect design

For the more select clients, luxury hotels are still the ideal accommodation when travelling, whether the trip be for business or for pleasure. Boutique hotels are back in fashion, and with this kind of establishment, luxury furniture. Here we give you some key advine for choosing the perfect luxury furniture for hotels.

They are the perfect place to rest and relax after a marathon of meetings or exploring the sights of a city. You don’t want to get back to your accommodation and feel uncomfortable, it is more than a simple place to stay. You want to be surrounded by glamour, style and luxury in your accommodation so that your downtime is even more special. Luxury furniture has always been around, but is even more present with the resurgence of this kind of hotel. Luxury hotels are both in big cities and rural destinations surrounded by nature.

So, how do we choose the perfect luxury furniture to decorate hoteles of these characteristics? We can either opt for a streamlined effect, with the same range of luxury furniture in each of the guest bedrooms, or we can personalise each of the rooms with unique designs. Not forgetting that with whatever option we choose, adorning the rooms with luxury furniture will give our hotel that air of distinction. In our catalogue, you’ll find infinite luxury bedrooms that means you can vary the decoration in each of your hotel rooms and give each room its own personality. Furniture made by hand with Spanish oak, with a multitude of details and the distinction only found in the luxury furniture made by craftsmen with more than seven decades of experience.

You can also choose luxury furniture for the monumental decoration of the luxury suite or the most important rooms of your hotel. However, luxury furniture shouldn’t be limited to the bedrooms of the luxury hotel. Bathrooms are a fundamental element of any luxury hotel. Let your guests bathe and feel cared for, unique and special. Surrounded by golds, perfect details and accessories that make having a bath a compulsory part of your guests’ luxury stay. And let’s not forget the areas outsider of the bedroom.

Luxury hotels should and do have grand staircases and high and majestic ceilings to showcase the exclusivity of this kind of establishment, only suitable for the most demanding of guests. Picó Interiors can advise and carry out the decoration of your luxury hotel. Call us for more information.

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