Invisible Appliances, top choice for luxury kitchens in 2019

Invisible Appliances, top choice for luxury kitchens in 2019

Every year, trends in decoration change and we adjust our projects accordingly. This particular trend is no different – 2019 is set to see a surge in invisible appliances in luxury kitchens. Let us explain exactly what they are.

This new trend in luxury kitchens is in fact an extension of the changes we have been seeing over the last few years across all the international fairs. The incorporation of technological advances like LED lighting to name but one have meant big advances all round. One of the advances for our luxury kitchens that is set to continue long into 2019 is the camouflage of appliances, the surge of invisible appliances.

Some of our clients come to us with the idea that in a luxury kitchen, everything has to match perfectly, everything has to be of exactly the same design and that no aspect can differ from any other aspect. In fact, a classic, traditional luxury kitchen concept can incorporate specific design and state of the art technological features without changing everything. New, more resistant and even more hygienic materials. All this without changing the general image of the original kitchen, you can in fact add new decorative and practical aspects to your kitchen without changing the original design.

This is where it gets tricky, as modern kitchen appliances in a traditional, classic luxury kitchen can stick out like a sore thumb. How can you combine that classical kitchen look with modern appliances? This is where invisible appliances take centre stage. We know that incorporating appliances into kitchen designs is more of a necessity than an esthetic design aspect. That’s why we can often decide to put them behind matching cupboard doors and our guests would never know they were there, whether it’s your fridge, washing machine or oven.

Easy to use and easy to match in the design of any traditional luxury kitchen, these kitchen appliances can be installed behind the grand cabinet doors so as not to break the classic image and to keep in with the original design of the furniture. The cupboards are made by hand to comfortably fit your cosen appliance, leaving space for ventilation, comfortable use and cleaning. So… Would you like to have a new luxury kitchen in 2019? Ask for more information without obligation.

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