How to make the most of space in a luxury bedroom

How to make the most of space in a luxury bedroom

We always want to make the most of the space available in our luxury bedroom. In order to do this, we need to organise our space and possibilities intelligently to really get the best of our bedroom. How do you make the most of the space in a luxury bedroom? The key is in the layout.

It doesn’t matter if your decoration is exquisite, your furniture is of the highest quality and your room spacious and light. If it is badly arranged and organised, we can feel like we are not using the space to its full potential which can create frustration and a feeling of unhappiness which means we won’t enjoy our luxury bedroom. One of the most important things to bear in mind with your luxury bedroom is the arrangement and the layout of your furniture and accessories.

The first thing we need to think about is to maximise the natural light in the room, which means moving any furniture from in front of windows. Even a chest of drawers or table under the window can impede the sensation of light in a room, something which we of course want to avoid as darkness seems oppressive. Natural light in a room is paramount as it creates a feeling of more space and makes our furniture stand out even more. With regards to lighting, you want to make sure you use LED lights as it is visually a healthier light.

The wardrobe and the bed are two of the main characters in any luxury bedroom. The wardrobe should be as far away from the bed as possible, maybe at the foot of the bed but never along the same wall. As they are generally large pieces of furniture, they need to be balanced by each other on opposite sides of the room, if they are next to each other they can create a feeling of the room caving in on you. Luxury furniture is designer, grand and made by hand with numerous finishing touches. They are not minimalist pieces. Putting them in the same area of a room isn’t recommended as they can feel overbearing when they are grouped together.

What we do recommend is to have a walk-in wardrobe if it is at all possible, as this will free up the space in your bedroom and you can have just a small wardrobe for the things you use most. Of course you can forget about even a small wardrobe and just have your bed as the statement piece in your bedroom, with a complete walk-in wardrobe as a complement. You will save space and can think about having a long chest of drawers with a mirror above it to give that much desired sensation of space, spaciousness and light.

The last point is to make sure your bed is in a central point. Asymmetry is a concept that can then be applied to the other pieces of furniture in your luxury bedroom, but the bed should always be the centrepiece, it should dominate the room. Never put it to one side or contrasting doors or windows. Don’t forget this last point!

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