How to have your own style in luxury furniture

How to have your own style in luxury furniture

If you are passionate about interior design, or you simply want to decorate your home to feel like you are in your own palace, this article is for you. Luxury furniture can be adapted to different styles, you just have to find yours and make it your own. There is no one style that is better or worse than another, it’s all down to personal choice and what makes you feel comfortable.

Luxury furniture, yes or no?

Picó luxury furniture are art-filled creations that seek to enhance the style of elegant homes. Even in the most modern and avant-garde houses, even if they are not classic, it is a good decision to incorporate this type of furniture. As long as the luxury furniture is in harmony with the environment and the rest of the furniture, it will always be a good idea to include luxury furniture in the decoration and dynamics of the home. How to get your own style using luxury furniture There are timeless pieces of luxury furniture with period design that you can combine to make your home a unique place. Regarding furniture style, there is not much that can be done: designers and big brands like Picó create pieces that decorate any room. But you can arrange this style of furniture so that it can be the center of attention and improve the aesthetics of your space.

Choose colors you love

One of the first characteristics in luxury furniture that you can choose is the color. There are ranges that offer a variety of colors for all tastes or for specific preferences. Whatever the case, you should choose the colors that match your personal style. Additionally, it is important that you decide if you want to combine the furniture with the colors of other objects or walls, or, on the contrary, create a contrast between them.

Focus on the materials

You can have furniture that is as elegant as it is modern, and much of that context is generated by the material with which it is made. There are pieces of furniture that manage to mix materials perfectly. To create your unique style, you can choose whether to use furniture of one high-quality material or pieces that combine several types of these materials. You can acquire luxury furniture adhering to this principle and generate your style of decoration.

Alternate different finishings

The finishes are the final touch that make or break furniture aesthetics. In the case of Picó luxury furniture, the finishes are the most striking feature for our clients and those who admire our furniture. You can combine similar pieces of furniture, but with different finishes that create that contrast of concepts, but that at the same time complement each other. For example, there are those who mix a piece of furniture with rivets and another without visible rivets.

Combine furniture with pieces of art

Something that decorators handle perfectly is combining various objects to achieve the expected harmony and originality. When you buy luxury furniture you have the possibility of achieving an elegant style that synergizes with pieces of art of all kinds. Paintings or sculptures and other pieces that you can use, both to highlight your furniture and vice versa, will be welcome.

Use the furniture as an extension of your personality

In summary, although it is good to receive advice from decoration experts or directly from luxury furniture; no one will know what works best for you than yourself. After all, it is your home and you need to feel comfortable with everything that surrounds you there. Of course, use luxury furniture only if it complements your home and personality. You should not force a style that is not suitable for your home, but you can adapt it or combine it. Tener muebles de lujo debe ser algo más que una simple excusa para alardear con tus amigos. Son parte de un estilo que seguramente tienes o apenas estas descubriendo en ti, que se transforma en un estilo de vida. Por eso es que esperas que tu lugar más importante: tu hogar, también logre expresar tus emociones. Pero, cualquier razón con la que te sientas feliz de tener muebles de lujo, es válida. Having luxury furniture should be more than just an excuse to show off to your friends. It is part of a style that you already have or are just discovering in yourself, which then becomes a lifestyle. That’s why your home — your sanctuary, should also express your emotions. Although any reason to have luxury furniture is valid.

The best in Muebles Picó

If we are talking about luxury furniture of the highest quality, there is no other place to find it than at Muebles Picó. We have a stock with elegant furniture that will make your home even more exclusive. You can visit the “Products” section and find out about the our creations that may suit the rooms in your home. You can even bring the luxury furniture to your office or other places in the company. The best thing about Picó is that we are manufacturers with many years of experience, passionate about craftsmanship and providing quality products. You won’t need to replace our furniture because of some damage – we are dedicated to creating pieces that will be lasting treasures in your home. And if what you want is to make your company a more elegant place, we can also help you.
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