Georgia Collection, luxury design by Muebles Picó

Georgia Collection, luxury design by Muebles Picó

Excellence, distinction and high craftsmanship are the basic pillars of Georgia Picó Muebles Collection. Glamour and pure luxury without forgetting important aspects such as the warmth and comfort of home.

The wood and handcrafted finishes, are the protagonist of the collection of Georgia Muebles Picó. Characterized by a number of small strokes precisely measured and given as a result selected environments, luxurious rooms and furniture where quality and glamor merges.

There’s nothing like feeling special in their own homes. The quality of the different shades of white Georgia Picó collection of furniture, resulting in a luxurious atmosphere, where the wood first quality, offers a warm, comfortable and a great atmosphere.

Sit in their comfortable chairs hand-carved and decorated with handmade silver leaf in gray and white; marry perfectly with the rest of the room, creating a unique experience. Backs upholstered with premium fabric, armrests and wooden legs created from high craftsmanship, they make unique luxury furniture.

The perfect combination of living room, with glass center table, elegant hand – carved fireplace and wood paneling, the Georgia collection make the ideal collection for lovers of well-made handcrafted furniture and more open environments and luxurious .

On the walls and ceiling, and luxury design with wood carvings finished millimeter are complemented by a sophisticated living room and full of nuances.

For unique experience, Picó offers the possibility to enjoy a quiet evening in a magical atmosphere and with style. The bar of the collection of Georgia Muebles Picó is synonymous of elegance and sophistication in all aspects.

Ideal for a meeting, where white lacquered furniture with patina walnut color, with exquisite craftsmanship and finished in silver and gold leaf, environment result in a design unique luxury.

In its doors, glass decorated with wooden diamond shaped and where the different shades just offering a unique furniture, luxury furniture.

Knowledge and wisdom deserve to be stored in a special cabinet. And for that, the Georgia Muebles Picó Collection offers this spectacular paneling, decorated and framed within the main entrance to the living room.

As an entrance to the atmosphere, wooden sliding doors made ​​to size and finished with a white patina walnut, welcome original ambiance manufactured through high craft in order to make us feel comfortable and impress our guests

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