Five mistakes when decorating with luxury furniture

Five mistakes when decorating with luxury furniture

Whether you want to decorate your house with luxury furniture or you are simply a lover of luxury, you should bear in mind a few rules and recommendations when it comes to decorating your space with these types of furnishings. Here we explain what not to do and mistakes when decorating with luxury furniture.

When it comes to decorating a house, or any particular part of a house with luxury furniture, too much or too little can be disastrous. But so can the choice in combinations of your furnishings. What luxury furniture really is, is works of art that deserve to be cared for and chosen with care in order to provide what you’re looking for: an attractive space, special, elegant and unique. These are the five most common errors when decorating spaces with luxury furniture.

  1. Luxury Furniture versus typical furniture

Don’t try to combine luxury furniture with furniture you can buy in any old furniture store, at least not in the same space. They are two different types of furniture – on the one hand, furnishings that are carefully built with a multitude of nuances, and on the other hand, mass-manufactured furniture. Having a piece of luxury furniture like a sideboard or bookshelf is one thing, but having a mixture of furnishings of different styles and different costs is quite another.

  1. Luxury Furniture doesn’t mean gold furniture

This is a common misconception. For many people, luxury furniture is synonymous with gold-coloured decorations. Of course, there are collections where gold or silver are the predominant colours, but if you want to decorate your space with luxury furniture don’t go overboard with the gold – the end result could look loaded and excessive.

  1. Choose the spots

It isn’t essential to have your whole house full of luxury furniture and you can choose to buy this type of furniture for a small corner of your home. Buying luxury furniture can be an option to revamp any particular part of your home, by giving the space personality and elegance with a difference.

  1. Don’t forget the little details

The small details when it comes to decorating with luxury furniture are fundamental. Though you have to be careful not to overdo it with ornaments. Luxury furniture is best when it speaks for itself, when it stands out because of its design, when it shines without the help of decorative objects – as these details more often than not leave you with a badly decorated space.

  1. Minimalist doesn’t mean luxury

It is one of the Bibles in the luxury furniture industry. There is no such thing as minimalist luxury furniture. Those who like this type of furniture know that they are impressive pieces of furniture with personality, well-finished with carefully crafted design. Mixing both styles is a big mistake.

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