Essential features of luxury bathrooms in Valencia

Essential features of luxury bathrooms in Valencia

The bathroom has always been and will be your haven of peace, your corner of leisure and enjoyment that no one can take away from you. A place for you to take care of yourself, to relax after a hard day at work, to satisfy all your needs and recharge with vitality. And what better than doing it in an environment where every detail is taken care of? Luxury bathrooms are becoming more and more common in Valencia, a sure way of creating an exclusive atmosphere in such an important area of ​​the home. At Muebles Picó, we have a wide selection of exclusive furniture and bathroom accessories designed for the most elegant and sophisticated homes. We adapt to your needs, but take care of even the smallest detail and all of the materials we use are optimal, efficient and durable. Those who opt for a luxury bathroom in Valencia think about the range that we offer at Muebles Picó, where we merge the most refined cabinetry with absolute functionality, generating unique pieces that can be adapted to the taste of each client and the design line of each home as a result.

The most important elements

Each luxury bathroom in Valencia is different, because each user has a different idea of ​​what luxury and comfort mean. That said, there are a number of components that should not be missing in any luxury bathroom to ensure satisfaction and unparalleled luxury.


You have to start the house from the foundations, that is why it is best to trust a team of expert professionals in luxury bathrooms in Valencia. This team can determine what the space needs or what it lacks. The materials we choose for the bathroom will define the decorative style, elegance, exclusivity and even the temperature. The ideal is to opt for those that offer better conditions, both in finishes and waterproofing.

The bathtub

The first element to think about is the bathtub. Round or square shapes tend to predominate, and materials such as micro cement, marble or tiles that give a touch of distinction. Placing the bathtub on volcanic stones is also a resource that will help enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom. An alternative, when building your luxury bathroom in Valencia, would be to combine showers with bathtubs, although always with transparent doors and light tones that enhance spaciousness and light. Exquisite finishes and black window frames add to the elegance.

The furnishings

Although the client is the one who chooses how they want their luxury bathroom in Valencia to be, the vast majority are characterized by choosing practical furniture, in which many things can be stored (such as toiletries and towels), equipped with mirrors and with a sinuous style at the same time elegant. At Muebles Picó, we have a line of classic rustic furniture in an incomparable white color, many of them with decorative trims in gold or silver that give a majestic approach to the room. Glass cabinets are becoming an increasingly ideal option for luxury bathrooms in Valencia.

Maximum elegance washbasins

En la configuración de un baño de lujo en Valencia no puede faltar la estética atractiva de éste, pudiéndose optar por la piedra o el vidrio como materiales exclusivos que potencian el atractivo visual. Pueden ser dobles o simples, con formas redondas u ovaladas, pero siempre con resistencia, durabilidad y grifería en tonalidades doradas o plata. In the configuration of a luxury bathroom in Valencia, attractive aesthetics cannot be missing, with exclusive materials such as stone or glass that enhance the visual appeal. They can be double or single, with round or oval shapes, but always with resistance, durability and taps or faucets in golden or silver tones. Luxury resides in the details A bathroom is not just a space where the walls are covered with tiles. If they are spacious rooms, we can incorporate flowers, plants, mirrors and scented candles, as well as paintings and golden pieces that give it that exclusive character, worthy of uploading to social networks. In the case of scented candles for our bathroom in Valencia, we recommend that you go for colors such as black and white. A vase with flowers will help to perfume the bathroom, something that can be combined with ceramic, glass, or wooden soap dishes, which will provide a modern, zen and contemporary touch. Tips for designing luxury bathrooms in Valencia Once you have decided to create your own luxury bathroom in Valencia, the next step will be to follow some clear advice. The first is to enhance the entry of natural light, making it a very bright room, necessary in an area for makeup and body care. The choice of textures and colors is also key, and although black and gray are traditionally preferred, gold and blue can add a harmonious touch. It is important to create a zen atmosphere, with a soft setting and low intensity lights that contribute to creating the luxury bathroom in Valencia of your dreams. Luxury and simplicity can go hand in hand, and at Muebles Picó we always have the best solution in this regard. Do not hesitate to contact us!  
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