8 golden rules for luxury offices

8 golden rules for luxury offices

Luxury offices are the epitome of distinction, class and elegance, and rightly so. Space made up of unique furniture, made to measure and by hand, where excellence in the final result is the ultimate aim of Picó Muebles.

We spend just as many hours at work as we do at home. If only for this reason, we should have the kind of space that fits in perfectly with what we need, whether that be the physical space itself or whatever we decide to put in it. Environments to feel good in, motivating, that harmonise the seriousness that we so wish our brand to transmit with the warmth and comfort that help us carry out our day to day tasks to maximum effect. Picó Muebles luxury offices form part of the multitude of companies and their decoration projects all over the world. So what should we bear in mind when it comes to choosing the decoration of a luxury office?

Comfort. Of course, this should be an indispensable quality. Comfort as you move through the office with furniture that is easy to use.

Seriousness. We welcome visitors in our offices so the image of our company should be impeccable in this space. A luxury office should ooze distinction from every corner.

Luxury finishings. Luxury finishings in metallics, gold sor high quality wood should be the main scheme in our luxury offices… tones that dote our space with a certain style, a certain class that only they can give.

Spacious. An office should be spacious, comfortable to work in with adequate space for archiving all the documents, books and personal objects that your work requires…

Made to measure. No two offices are the same, the square metres dictate. We make luxury offices to measure for each individual company, with spectacular results. You decide.

Warmth. Achieving warmth in these spaces is a priority. We spend a lot of time in them and should aim to get a space that inspires us. One way to do this is through the decorative lines we offer. Or, the wood we use in our designs.

Storage. Large cupboards, furniture with ample storage space, big meeting tables… Space plays an important role when it comes to working productively. Get the space in your office right and you make better decisions.

Corporate image. There is no doubt that image is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect in the world of business. With our luxury office designs, you are guaranteed a credible image to share with your clients.

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