7 things to bear in mind when choosing your boiserie

7 things to bear in mind when choosing your boiserie

At Picó Interiors, we design and make exclusive boiseries or luxury wood panelling to measure especially for our clients. It is important for us to understand the needs and wants of each individual client to be able to give them really unique and spectacular furniture. That said, there are some details which you should always consider when it comes to designing a boiserie. El boisserie es el mueble con más personalidad de todo salón que se precie. Por su tamaño y magnificiencia, por su diseño y su espectacularidad este gran mueble se convierte en el protagonista en el diseño de muchos de nuestros espacios. Un mueble de madera adosado a la pared capaz de transformar por completo la apariencia de cualquier espacio. De gran capacidad de almacenamiento, es en muchas ocasiones simplemente una parte decorativa del salón y en todas de ellas un elemento importantísimo en toda creación de lujo que se precie. A boiserie is furniture with strong character, found in all grand living rooms. Due to its magnificence, the sheer size, their design and just how spectacular they are, this furniture automatically becomes the main design feature in any room you decide to add one. It is wood furniture that is capable of completely transforming the image of any room. With great storage capacity, it can be both a useful piece of furniture as well as an important decorative addition. All in all, a not-so-little piece of luxury adorning your home. Picó Interiors luxury boiseries come in a great range of designs, from collections such as Georgia, Lys, Imperio and Titanic.
  1. Not only for living rooms. They are also the perfect solution for office spaces or your study. It is important to remember their useability, we are talking about furniture which is perfect for archiving documents, organising paperwork, displaying book collections whilst still being elegant and distinguished.
  2. A lot of space. When you are designing your boiserie, you have to know how much space you have available, and we recommend using all of the wall or at least the majority of the wall space in a room for an authentic look.
  3. Match other furniture. The norm is to choose a living room set from the same collection, and not mix and match with furniture from other collections. The latter could give disappointing results.
  4. Decorative addition. This furniture, aside from being practica lis also the main decorative element in a room, the luxry wood panelling is carved with a wealth of details that all contribute to the beauty of both the furniture itself, and the overall finishing effect.
  5. The importance of carved details. In general, boiseries touch the ceiling and the work culminates in minute, hand-carved detailing which is a compulsory feature. Originally, the details were less important but nowadays, their authenticity would be questioned were it not for this decorative element.
  6. LED lighting. You should be mindful to include LED lighting when designing your luxury made to measure boiserie, because while some of the original details shouldn’t be missed out, LED lighting or other tendencies in decor give a boiserie a modern and elegant edge.
  7. How to dress your boiserie. Even though it is a question of personal taste, you should bear in mind that the pieces you use to dress your boiserie and your room with a boiserie is important, as pieces that don’t match can take away from both the value of the room and the beauty of the final result, neither of which we want.
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