6 luxury kitchens that will surprise you

6 luxury kitchens that will surprise you

Cooking is a real pleasure, but even more so if we do it in an ambiance of luxury like th eones that Picó Muebles can provide. Authentic works of art that are fully customisable, of excellent quality and with finishing touches honed to perfection. Choose your favourite.
  1. Venecia luxury kitchen
The Venecia collection combines the beauty of English style architecture, the elegance of coated finishings and the kind of quality that only walnut wood can give. A luxury kitchen with highly detailed carvings and final details that only serve to reinforce the beauty of the design.
  1. Baikal luxury kitchen
This luxury kitchen is decorated in silver-leaf foiling or white stripes to imitate the ripples of the deepest lake on the planet, Baikal in Siberia. It is luxury furniture that is eminently contemporary, with classic details, and this elegant collection can be of course be adapted to suit your personal decorative taste.
  1. Georgia luxury kitchen
The inspiration for this luxury kitchen comes from Greek-Roman architecture. We can see the beauty of its neoclassic lines with beautiful carvings and excellent woodwork in the orange tree and sycamore, over a walnut base. Inspired by the traditional kitchens found in grand American houses in the 18th and 19th centuries. They give off a tremendous amount of light in their gold and silver coated versions.
  1. Lys luxury kitchen
A very elegant and simple luxury kitchen inspired by classic kitchens but also taking on features of the newer tastes that have evolved over recent years. Made with ash wood and available with a distinguished walnut finish, ash decapé or striped top coat.
  1. Hermitage luxury kitchen
Luxury kitchen inspired by Russian style baroque. Made with solid wood, it is then painted or lacquered by hand. An ornamental kitchen which with details in silver-leaf foiling, stands out for its beauty and luxury.
  1. Arán luxury kitchen
A country and Provencal style luxury kitchen. With elegant whites, the feeling of space is created without compromising on elegance or distinction. A kitchen for those who love simple but impressive design.
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