5 features of a luxury bathroom

5 features of a luxury bathroom

You have been waiting for this moment for a long time and, in the end, you have made the decision to give your bathroom a facelift. More sophisticated, more luxurious. At Picó we have years of experience designing and fitting luxury bathrooms rich in detail and accessories, turning your bathroom into a space for rest, relaxation and beauty. To do this, there are five key features that we always keep in mind before we get to work. But before going into these keys in more detail, it is important that we make it clear that at Picó we always prioritise quality, the most original and authentic details, and the harmony that all luxury bathrooms should have. Well, the goal is to create spaces where you want to take a relaxing bath after a hard day at work. A bubble bath, with splendid views in luxurious surroundings.

1. A grand countertop is essential

Countertops are one of the most outstanding elements of luxury bathrooms. They usually cover a large part of the wall, but even so there is always space, to give a greater feeling of spaciousness. The most outstanding thing is its quality, since the countertop is made to last. Marble, stone, granite… The exquisiteness of these materials will make any bathroom an exceptional place.

2. The bath is the main feature

There is no doubt about this and at Picó we know it very well. The bathtub in luxury bathrooms should always have a leading role and, therefore, you must always study very well where it is going to go. Ideally, next to or near the window. If it can be located in a central space, great. This is what usually differentiates luxury bathrooms from those that are not.

3. Modern and stylish taps

The taps are also an aspect that must be taken into account and at Picó, golden taps with unique shapes are especially successful. In luxury bathrooms you have to pay attention to any type of element and although it may seem that the taps are not important, in reality, every aspect counts. For this reason, at Picó, we also pay attention to taps rich in details and made from exquisite materials.

4. Let there be light

Another feature that cannot be lacking under any circumstances in luxury bathrooms is lighting. We are talking about natural light, so you have to remove any type of object that prevents the light from flooding the entire bathroom. However, it is true that for those times when night falls, you have to think about where to place artificial light. The best lighting is strategically.

5. Complementary furniture, essential

Finally, we cannot ignore the auxiliary furniture that is essential in luxury bathrooms. These should have special details, such as distinctive patterns or shapes on the doors or drawers. Refined cabinetmaking where handmade details have a high value and converge with functionality. Gold and silver colours are the most popular and make each bathroom unique. It is true that within these features, other details are important. For example, in luxury bathrooms you can place sofas or cabinets to store items. Mirrors are also key. Although each bathroom is different, luxurious bathrooms usually have large mirrors – their presence should also be noted just like with the bathtub. If you want to completely transform your bathroom and turn it into a luxury bathroom, at Picó we have the resources you need so that your bathroom begins to take the shape you want. A bathroom adapted to your tastes and your needs.
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