10 milestones that Muebles Picó have reached in their lifetime

10 milestones that Muebles Picó have reached in their lifetime

An international point of reference for luxury furniture Brands, Picó Interiors – Muebles Picó is one of the most recognised companies in the industry with over seven decades of experince. Here are ten of our greatest achievements over the Lifetime of the company…
  1. Foundation
Founded by José Picó Ramón as a company specialising in furniture production, Muebles Picó was one of the pioneering Valencian companies both on a social level and an economic one, starting the production of high class furniture in 1945.
  1. Brand positioning
Careful work, meticulous techniques, valuing our employees, high quality wood and furniture made by hand are just some of the factors that have helped us position our brand as a point of reference for other brands during recent and future decades.
  1. Valencian reference
Little by little, Muebles Picó managed to first convert itself into one of the most reputable companies in the Valencian Community, and later achieve fame on an international scale.
  1. National and International Recognition
The company’s great reputation continued to grow throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties. Bit by bit, more and more national and international projects started to come in pushing Muebles Picó into the lead with respect over other companies in the same sector.
  1. Founding Partner Feria Hábitat Valencia
Muebles Picó is present in almost all international furniture and luxury furniture events, and we were actually one of the founding Partners of Feria Hábitat Valencia.
  1. Luxury kitchens
Even though luxury bedrooms, lounges and furniture in general are a key part of our success, Muebles Picó – Picó Interiors luxury kitchens have helped the company go from strength to strength, and are considered some of the best luxury kitchens in all of Europe.
  1. Survival during the economic recession
Picó Interiors has managed to survive any shadow of a crisis in a sector that is particularly hard hit when one of these crises comes along. We overcame any worries with our success exporting our luxury furniture internationally.
  1. Online presence
The brand enjoys a prominent presence online, which distinguishes us from the competition. Thorough work in Spanish and English means our social networks, blogs and email marketing have a widespread audience and shows our ability to stay up to date and adapt to the ever-changing times.
  1. Picó Interiors
A few years ago, the brand became Picó Interiors with the objective of representing more accurately the current dynamic of the company. Luxury furniture for different parts of the house, apartment or public space are just a part of we do. We now carry out complete renovation projects, including walls, doors and ceilings.
  1. Future vision
Lead by Josep Picó, the third generation of Picó Interiors has an up to date vision but maintains the traditional values of the company: quality, design, tradition and luxury.
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